8 Reasons Why Everyone Should Take Up Blogging as a Hobby

Not everyone has to get into a hobby for the sake of making a profitable full-time career out of it.

If there's one activity that I highly advise taking up, regardless of your personality or interests, it's blogging. As someone who blogs herself, I can tell you there are a slew of reasons why I feel fulfilled by having this side project.

Keep reading to find out why everyone should take up blogging as a hobby.

1. You Have No Creative Boundaries

When you're writing for your own blog, guess what? You can cover whatever topics you want! Feel like documenting your trip to Paris? Go right ahead. Want to show everyone all of the delicious dishes from the trendy new restaurant you just visited? No one's stopping you! Whether you love music, cooking, excavating caves, you name it—you can write about whatever because you are your own editor.

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2. You Can Really Find Yourself and Your Voice

Writing creatively and covering what interests you allows your passion to grow. The more you write from the heart, the more you will find your writing style and dig deep into who you are as a person. It's a very rewarding experience.


3. You Don't Need to Have a Specific Talent

So many full-time jobs require us to have some very specific skills. Can't be a lifeguard if you can't expertly swim; can't be a stylist if you don't have a slick eye for what looks good on people; can't be a server if you don't have insane patience. But when you start a blog, you aren't required to do anything except write about what interests you. Even if you're not the best writer, many blogs are more photo-based, and that could easily be the route for you.


4. You Can Connect With Brands and People All Over the World

Regularly updating your blog will give you access to a whole new crop of people. The more you write and the more content you cover, the more your posts will appear in online searches. You have the opportunity to be approached by brands with products in the realm of what you cover, or even fellow bloggers who want to connect with people in their same space. Having your own platform also makes it easier to reach out to brands on your own if you have interest in featuring their products on your site.

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5. You Can Share Your Life With the World

It's pretty crazy to think that with one little click of the "publish" button, your photos, opinions, interviews—whatever it may be—are accessible to the public. To think that you have the ability to control what you put out there for the world to see is quite empowering. People can get to know you on a much deeper basis.


6. It Doesn't Cost Anything

Sure, initially getting your blog up and running will cost a minor fee (I hired a WordPress expert to design my blog and paid for Bluehost to host it), but once all the beginning logistics are out of the way, you can post to no end with no additional costs. There are also freebie templates HERE, but you still may need to hire someone to throw it all together for you.


7. You Can Update at Your Own Pace

Best thing about being your own editor? There's no one telling you when you can and can't post! Feel like updating once a day? Do it! Feel like only updating once a week? That's fine, too. Though I do advise updating a few times a week (especially when you're just starting out). You want to build a momentum and a following. But then again, if you really don't care about building a following, don't stress about the updating frequency.

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8. You Can Impress Potential Employers

Potential employers like to hire well-rounded individuals who do more than just the bare minimum. Having a blog that explores your interests and passions really shows that you are open to connecting with others and that you go the extra mile to work on top of school and whatever extracurriculars you're doing.


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