4 Reasons to Study Abroad as Soon as Possible

Have you caught the travel bug?

Many of us have, especially after spending more than a year mostly cooped up inside with nothing but Netflix to fuel our jet-setting dreams. But the good news is that your dream of traveling to a far-off land and creating lasting memories in the destination of your choice doesn't have to be a fantasy.

Studying abroad is a fantastic way to experience a new culture while also bettering yourself in the process, and it's more achievable to do than many people realize. So, whether your current school offers study abroad programs or you wait a little longer until college to have your foreign fun, here are just a few of the many reasons to study abroad as soon as possible:

1. It Might Be More Affordable

Many schools and even external study abroad companies offer exceptional scholarships so that more students can have exciting experiences abroad. Even if you aren't eligible for these, however, studying abroad is typically considered a more "economical" option over simply traveling to a destination on your own time. This is because your school will likely have a good bit of the not-so-fun planning done for you, including where you'll be staying, your travel between destinations and possibly even some of your meals.

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2. It Looks Great On Applications and Resumes

If applying to colleges or future jobs is something you're starting to think about (as you probably should), you should know that studying abroad looks amazing on any of these. Not only does it show that you're someone who values learning about another culture, but it's also something that simply sets you apart from other applicants.


3. It Makes You More Interesting

While no one likes talking to the girl who "studied abroad" for a weekend in Paris and now won't stop saying ooh là là after every sentence (side note, please never do this and most French people will despise you if you do), a study abroad experience does always give you something to talk about. But aside from filling a conversation with endless stories about your time in Barcelona, London, Florence, Thailand or wherever it may be, it simply shows that you value traveling and have a sense of adventure—things that make you pretty interesting overall.

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4. It Could Change Your Life

While it may sound cheesy, studying abroad really can change your life. In contrast to the traditional way of traveling to a destination, studying abroad helps you experience a place as if you are a true local. This can change your life in positive ways both big and small, whether you simply start feeling a bit more confident or maybe even discover a university you'd like to attend after graduation. After all, they don't call people who are well-traveled "cultured" for nothing—it really does enhance the way you look at everything around you.

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So, if you're itching to travel and considering studying abroad, our advice is simple: do it!


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