5 Reasons to Take On a Summer Job

If you're still trying to soak up the last sweet days of summer, here's something else you may want to give a try: a summer job.

While it may not sound like the most fun idea, there are plenty of reasons to take on one of these jobs while you can—and we've gathered them all up to convince you.

1. It Looks Great on College Applications

A summer job gives you valuable experience that other students applying to the same schools or programs may not have.  Plus, many college applications feature a written portion, and including details about your summer job or things that you experienced while working there could just help you secure your spot.


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2. More Money for the Things You Like to Do

Are you trying to save up for a vacation, car or maybe just a new outfit you've been eyeing at the mall? A summer job is the perfect way to set aside some cash while you can and get closer to achieving your goal, whatever type of purchase it may be.

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3. You'll Meet Some Great People

Summer jobs mean working with coworkers, whether you're serving up scoops of ice cream by the beach or folding tops at a local retail store. Depending on the job you get, you might be working with other teens like yourself who could become new friends, or you could just have some interesting conversations with customers. Either way, a summer job is a chance to improve your social skills before back to school season.


4. Transferable Skills Count

If you haven't heard the term "transferable skills" yet, get used to it. This refers to all the skills you pick up from balancing different tasks at work (and school), whether that be time management, teamwork, leadership skills or anything else that you can take with you into your professional or academic life after high school.

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5. It Won't Take Up All Your Time

Most states have laws in place that say that workers under a certain age can only work a certain number of hours and require a certain number of breaks, which means whatever summer job you get won't be able to take advantage of you or make you work more than you're able. That means you'll still have plenty of time to savor spending summer days with your friends and family, just with a little extra cash in your pocket.


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