5 Reasons You Should Watch Netflix's Colin in Black and White

Colin in Black and White hits Netflix this Friday, Oct. 29, and we couldn't be more excited.

We were able to screen the show about football player and activist, Colin Kaepernick, and his early years ahead of the release. And after watching the limited six-episode series, we can't wait for everyone else to watch it! Keep scrolling for the five reasons we think you should watch Colin in Black and White.

1. Colin Kaepernick Himself Narrates the Show

While this isn't a documentary, Colin Kaepernick still makes an appearance in every episode as the narrator. It's such an interesting take and kept us captivated the entire time we watched the show. We especially loved watching Colin as the narrator watching himself on the "big screen" as a younger kid in high school. So we get to see not only what went through Colin's head as a kid and teen, but also in the present day.


2. We Get to Learn All About His Family Life

If you're not super familiar with Colin Kaepernick and his backstory, Colin in Black and White will paint a vivid picture for you. Colin was adopted as a child by a white family and faced all sorts of dilemmas as a child because of it. Since black and mixed hair is so much different than white hair, Colin's mom never really knew how to take care of it. The first episode really dives into it and is even pretty humorous at points.


3. He Could Have Gone Pro in Baseball

For all the die-hard Colin Kaepernick fans out there, you already know he was an absolute beast of an athlete growing up. From basketball to football and baseball, he killed it at pretty much everything he set his mind to. As a junior in high school, he got full-ride offers from all the top colleges in the country—to play baseball. He turned down offers from schools like Harvard and USC because his true passion was to play football. He even could have gone pro straight out of high school, becoming a millionaire as a teenager!


4. The Criticism He Faced Is an Eye-Opener

After watching Colin in Black and White, we saw just how much criticism Colin faced as a mere teenager for the decisions he made. Classmates, teachers, coaches and more simply didn't understand his decision to pursue football. They all told him it was the biggest mistake of his life and that he would regret it. The way people spoke to him is so out of place and completely uncalled for. It's definitely an eye-opener and we're sure Colin is the one laughing at them, now!


5. He Faced So Much Rejection and Turned It to Triumph

Even though Colin got tons of offers for baseball, it wasn't what he wanted—it wasn't his passion. He knew in his heart he was meant to be a quarterback and decided to take his chances. He attended dozens of college summer camps and even sent out his football tapes to over 100 schools. In the end, it all paid off, and if you're not familiar with his story, we won't ruin it for you! Safe to say it was a very happy ending.


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