7 Reasons You Should Binge-Watch Season 3 of You on Netflix

You Season 3 was without a doubt the best season yet!

Seeing Joe and Love as parents in the small town of Madre Linda was quite the show. From impulsive murders to strange neighbors, You was jam-packed full of mystery. Whether Love was cooking up a keto muffin or the guys were talking about IF, we couldn't help but watch episode after episode. Keep scrolling for the seven reasons we think you should binge-watch You season three on Netflix (without giving too much away).

1. Joe Is a Complex Character You Can't Help But Love

We know, we know, Joe's character is evil, blah blah blah. He is without a doubt a bad, horrible human being, but, we can't help but love him. Even when he's helping Love bury a body, we see it as an act of love. This season, he tries to be a better person because of his son, Henry, and we think he truly did try his best.

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2. Theo Is the Man of Our Dreams

The second Theo walked on the scene, we knew he was going to become our favorite character. He's the son of Joe and Love's neighbors and visits home from college often. He becomes infatuated with Love, and we can't help but feel the same way about him.


3. Cary and Sherry Are Hilarious

The moment Sherry asked Love to "latte" with her, we knew she was going to leave us rolling on the floor laughing. And when Cary, her husband, is on the screen with her? It's dynamite. They're an unconventional couple but we're obsessed with their dynamic.


4. Madre Linda Is the Town You Love to Hate

While Madre Linda isn't a real town in California, it does seem like it could be real and we wish we could visit it IRL. From nosy neighbors to cute bakery shops, this small town is one where everybody knows everybody's business. It's uppity and at times cringey, but we're obsessed.

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5. Love Is Off the Walls Crazy, But We Love Her For It

Love Quinn shows her true colors this season. And now that she has a baby to care for, her life is even more difficult to manage. She'very impulsive and doesn't think about the consequences of her actions. She's off the walls crazy (especially this season), but we still love her character.


6. Forty Makes a Cameo

We were sad that Forty wasn't going to be in Season 3, but his character made a cameo in an episode! Love misses her twin brother more than anything, and we as an audience do, too. Trust us when we say you'll be crying when Forty makes an appearance on the screen.


7. Guys Camp Night Is Memorable

Cary invites Joe on a guys wilderness/camp night, and it is everything. They're only allowed to eat what they catch and if they're in disagreement, they're supposed to fight it out. We don't want to give too much away, but this has to be our favorite scene of the season.

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