9 Reasons We're Obsessed With Whitney Simmons

Whether you've been a long-time follower on YouTube or just recently found her on TikTok, Whitney Simmons is everyone's favorite fitness gal.

On YouTube and her app, you can follow along with all sorts of exercises, and on TikTok, that's where she keeps things real. She's hilarious, relatable and just might be our favorite person ever to follow. Feel the same way? Here are nine reasons we're obsessed with Whitney Simmons.

1. She Calls Her Husband Sir at the Gym

If you know, you know. Whitney loves to troll her husband when they're at the gym together, and tends to interrupt him in the middle of his workouts, calling him "sir." Whether she's trying to kick him off of a machine or telling him how hot he is, she never fails to make us laugh.


2. Her Hilarious Gusset Checks

Whitney almost never wears leggings or shorts with a seam down the middle at the gym, which have since led to her "gusset checks." Basically, she takes a peek down at her lady parts and ensures everything's in place. Ever since we've seen her do these, we've found ourselves performing them at the gym, too.


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3. She Wears a Full Beat to the Gym

For Whitney, her big outings of the week are going to the gym, and since she likes to feel pretty and cute, she started wearing full (and sometimes medium) beats to the gym. Not everyone can pull off a full face of makeup at the gym (especially if you're highly prone to sweating), but somehow she rocks it.


4. Her Random Accents

Whitney is the queen of delivering the most random accents when she's speaking to the camera on her phone. She usually throws out some Aussie accents, but we've seen her do others, too (and we'd like to point out she's American).


5. Her Hate for Secretions

In pretty much every single video we see of her at the gym, she's carrying around a towel and a spray bottle with her. She likes to clean up any "juices and secretions" other gym-goers may have left before her. We love a hygienic queen.


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6. She Says 'Skiddly Diddly Doo'

When Whitney is about to get into a weightlifting sesh or needs to pump herself up at the gym, one of her go-to phrases to get started is "skiddly diddly doo." She's a comedic legend.


7. Her Open Struggle With Plaque Psoriasis

Whitney suffers from Plaque Psoriasis, and she's become much more open about her skin condition. She's learned to embrace her body's imperfections and looks perfect while doing so.


8. Her Stunning Gymshark Collections

Whitney has collabed with Gymshark on a number of collections, and each one has been simply amazing. All of the beautiful workout gear and clothes she designed are loved and worn by her practically every single day.


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9. The Way She Cackles

If you've watched one of her videos, you've undoubtedly heard her infections cackle. Whether she's cackling because she just killed a workout or she did something silly, we can't get enough of it.


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