Here's Why a Crush Who Likes You May Not Want to Date You

You and your crush have expressed your mutual feelings for each other—heck, you've even sealed those emotions with a kiss. So the next natural step is to start dating, right? Not necessarily.

If your crush (who you're sure likes you back) won't take things to the next level, you're probably climbing the walls wondering what little thing you need to do to get them on the same page with you.

But sometimes there's a lot more to it than looking extra cute next time you see them or sending an especially flirty text.

Keep reading for five reasons why a crush who likes you may not be willing to actually date you:

1. They're Harboring Feelings for an Ex

A person can want to get over their ex—and from time to time they may even think they are over their ex. But if deep down in their heart they know they still have feelings for that person (even if there's no chance of them getting back together), it can prevent them from being able to truly move on.

It doesn't mean the feelings they have for you are a lie, it simply means a lot of their energy is still wrapped up in thinking about a person they used to date, and, unfortunately, that same energy can't be put into anything serious with you right now.


2. They're Casually Seeing or Crushing on Someone Else

As much as we hate thinking about it, a sad reality is that if you're not in a committed relationship with somebody, you're kind of free to date around (and they're allowed to date around, too).  So while your crush may totally have feelings for you, they could share similar sentiments about someone else.

We know it's not fair, but that's the name of the dating game, and if they can't see that you're the best option out there, do ya really want them anyway?

3. They're Waiting to See Who Else Is Out There

Once again, this one says your crush isn't seeing you as the best choice—but you clearly are! There are so many foolish people who miss out on being with someone who'll make them happy because they're waiting around for the next best thing. This is obviously a bummer for you in the moment, but these are the people who typically never end up being happy. Instead of living in the moment and appreciating what they have in front of them, this person will constantly be looking out on the horizon.

Again, if they have this mentality about you, they probably will about plenty of other potential S.O.s.


4. They Have Too Many Mental Distractions

Whether it's pressure from the 'rents to get better grades or maintain their star power on the sports field—or they're dealing with some personal turmoil that they haven't discussed with you, your crush may have too much going on right now to add a relationship into the mix.

If they were in the mindset to be in a relationship, it could potentially be with you, but until they get through whatever they're dealing with, it's likely they don't want the added pressure of being in a relationship.


5. They Just Don't Want to Be in a Relationship Right Now

While there's absolutely zero doubt in your mind that you're ready to run off into the sunset with your crush, they may simply just not want to be committed to anyone at the moment. Whether it's their mom's demands or they prefer spending most of their free time with their pals, for some reason they may want to remain single.

This doesn't mean they don't enjoy your company or that they'll stop flirting or spending time with you, but if they don't want to be tied down at the moment (by anyone), it's something you'll just have to accept.

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