6 Reasons Why First Semester Is Always Better Than Second

A year of school is always so different from the first semester to the second.

Although the start of second semester means summer vacation is just around the corner, first semester really is the best (in our humble opinion).

Agree with us? Whether you do or don't, we're making a case for those first few months of school with the following reasons below:

1. You have a fresh start. Everything first semester feels new and exciting. From teachers, to classmates, to even the new freshmen, you're amped up about this new year and you're ready to conquer it. Everything you did in the past is simply that—that past.

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2. First semester encompasses the best seasons and holidays. Hello, fall, winter, Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving. All of mostly everyone's fave celebratory times take place during the first half of the school year, which means the in-class activities are more fun, too!

3. First semester equals cozy, cuddle weather. There's nothing like throwing on a pair of leggings, some boots and a sweater and calling it a day. The pressure to get all dolled up is off, as it's all about comfort during these first few chilly months of school.

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4. Everyone is nicer first semester. Because everything is so new and people are getting acquainted with fresh classes and mates, people just seem friendlier. They're not totally over the school year just yet, so they're in better moods.

5. First semester means the option to attend football games. Whether you're into the sport or not, it's fun to get bundled up with friends and cheer on your school. Football games are a great place to mingle with classmates you may not socialize with that much otherwise.

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6. Your grades tend to be better during first semester. You're not burnt out on school and you're actually excited and motivated to study. But as the year progresses later on, you just want to be done.


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