5 Reasons Why Moving Is the BEST

If you're in the process of currently moving, stressed is probably your middle name.

And while moving has it's obvious downs, for the most part, it's actually really fun. Packing aside, moving has some real potential to be a super entertaining time in your life. So many people probably ask if you're excited or scared, and tbh, it's probably a mixture of the two! Keep scrolling for five reasons why moving is the absolute best.

1. You Get to Meet New People

Whether you're moving halfway across the country or to the other side of town, meeting new people is inevitable. It might be a new neighbor, a person from your new pilates class or someone you run into at your local coffee shop, but we think that meeting new people is one great thing about moving. They can expose you to new places, people, foods, experiences and more—and we love the idea of expanding our social circle. Who knows, maybe you'll meet your future best friend or the love of your life.

couple moving into new home

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2. You Create a New Routine

With COVID taking over the last year of our lives, most of our routines have consisted of working or taking classes from home. And staying in the same room for that long can get super irritating. We don't blame you if you despise the rug, lamp or whatever else has been in your constant view! By moving, you not only get a new view, but a new routine as a whole—new coffee shops, grocery stores, restaurants and more.


3. You Get to Redecorate

Redecorating is perhaps one of the most fun and creative aspects of moving. And no—you don't need money to do this! You can redecorate your new home with items you already have. Switch up the rooms they're in, make the setup different and you'll feel loads better. If you're on TikTok, you can even find tons of hacks to making your space seem bigger or tutorials to making your own art, candles and more.

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4. You Go Through Old Memories

Packing up items in the house may seem like a daunting task, but it can actually be quite fun. You're bound to find all sorts of old memories like trophies, diaries, photos, outfits and more. There's always the question of whether or not you should get rid of the items at hand, but like our girl Marie Kondo says, if it sparks joy, keep it! Even if you let it sit in a cardboard box most of the year and occasionally get it out to take a stroll down memory lane, we think that's totally reasonable.


5. You Make New Experiences

Think of your old home—what are some of your favorite memories? Was it getting ready with your friends for a school dance? Making a home-cooked meal with your family? Having a movie marathon all weekend with the neighbors? Going to a summer block party? Whatever it is, just know that your new home will have all sorts of experiences just waiting to happen inside. It's a new beginning and the perfect chance to grow and make memories.

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