5 Reasons You Shouldn't be Embarrassed About Not Dating During High School

Whether you're a freshman or senior in high school, or somewhere in between, the subject of dating has undoubtedly come up.

Perhaps all your friends got invited to the dance except for you, or maybe you're just shy and don't talk too much. Whatever the reason may be for your not dating—it's okay. You should never compare yourself to those around you. Why? Because you're all on different paths and journeys in life.

Keep reading for five reasons you shouldn't be embarrassed about not dating during high school:

1. Using This Time to Focus on Your Education

You may not realize it now, but your education is perhaps one of the biggest blessings in life. Take advantage of this incredible thing you have access to, and try your hardest. If you work hard during your high school days, you'll set yourself up for success later on in life. From high school to college to internships to your first big girl job, it all starts now. Don't waste this time!

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2. Getting to Know Who You Are On Your Own

We're not going to lie to you—dating can be fun, plain and simple. However, if you're young and still in the process of finding yourself, dating will alter the way you see yourself. Instead of letting someone else mold you, get to know who you are when you're on your own. That's the complete opposite of embarrassing! Instead of relying on someone else to tell you what to do, how to act, what to believe and more, you'll be able to form your own opinions and personality that are unique to you.


3. Creating Lifelong Friendships

During your high school years, you will meet all sorts of people from various backgrounds. This is the time to focus on lifelong friendships. Whether you're social and like having lots of friends, or are the type of person with just a few close besties, you won't regret saving your time for them. Just look at people from your school who have gone through nasty breakups. We're willing to bet they regret ditching their friends for a partner who would eventually hurt them.

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4. Avoiding Public and Messy Situations

Being in the limelight is all fun and games until your dirty laundry is aired out for everyone to see. If you ever feel embarrassed about never having dated during high school, just know that those who have dated and gone through public and messy breakups would much rather be in your position. We're not trying to bash dating in high school by any means, but this is yet another reason why it might be a good decision to avoid dating until you've matured a bit more.


5. Saving Your Firsts for Someone Truly Worthy

If you were to ask someone with more experience than you, like an older sister, cousin or even your mom, we're sure they'd agree with us when we say that saving your firsts for someone truly worthy is worth it. We'd also bet that at least one of them would say they regret the way or time their first kiss happened. Take it from those who care about you—they've been through the same thing, and the regrets are not worth it. After all, wouldn't you rather wait for that perfect first kiss than waste it on someone you don't care about?

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