How Rebecca Black Captured the Pain of Not Being Over Your Ex in 'Sick to My Stomach'

We know we're not the only ones who are counting down the days until Rebecca Black drops her debut albumLet Them Burn, on Feb. 9.

A decade after she first found viral notoriety, she's boldly taken ownership of her personal narrative, releasing incredible new music that demonstrates her diverse talents as a songwriter and performer across genres. While "Crumbs" had a pulse-pumping electro-pop sound, "Look at You" was an emotional and empowering pop ballad, and her latest, "Sick to My Stomach," evokes upbeat yet nostalgic '80s vibes.

"Sick to My Stomach" and its music video are out today, Jan. 18, tackling the pain and confusing feelings that can arise after running into an ex, and the unique jealousy they can bring about. Just one listen will have you throw away any old preconceptions of who Rebecca Black is and show you just how undeniably powerful she is as an artist today, and we got to chat with Rebecca to learn all about it.

The Story Behind 'Sick to My Stomach'

Rebecca Black: I'd run into my ex just before the day I wrote this song. It's so crazy, and even jarring sometimes, how fast a feeling can rush into you when seeing someone from your past, no matter how much you'd thought you'd moved on in your life. I'd just found that my ex was now seeing someone new, and that hit me like a brick at the time. I couldn't shake how overwhelming the feeling was, and it just flowed out into a song so quickly.


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What 'Sick to My Stomach' Means

RB: To me, music is the best way to indulge in my own feelings, even the most selfish ones, as a way to process and simultaneously escape my own world. This song is exactly that. I knew what I was feeling was only my own insecurity, but at the same time, that's a very real and honest moment I think we have to let ourselves deserve internally, even for just a moment.

Rebecca Black with wild hair standing in office

(Image courtesy of Rebecca Black)


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Rebecca's Favorite Lyric

RB: "I can't sleep cuz I'm the one who made this bed," is, to me, one of the most important moments of the meaning of the song. This song is not only about pettiness and loneliness and feeling, but it's also about taking ownership for why you've gotten yourself there.

Rebecca Black sitting back in office chair

(Image courtesy of Rebecca Black)


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