Everything You Wanted to Know About Let Her Burn Singer-Songwriter Rebecca Black

Singer-songwriter Rebecca Black doesn't care if you know her best from her days as a notoriously viral child star. Today, she's a confident and self-assured woman who knows who she is, and nothing is going to take that away from her.

Earlier this month, Rebecca dropped her powerful album, Let Her Burn, consisting of 10 contagious and diverse pop tracks that show us precisely what she's made of. Her ideas are bold, her voice is impactful and her narrative of self-discovery is the real deal. She's stating, clearly and without any doubt, that this is the artist she was always meant to be, and we are here for the journey. If you adore Rebecca as much as we do, keep scrolling to discover everything she shared about herself as our latest  Woman Crush Wednesday.

Rebecca Black favorite trivia, bio and top fun facts as Sweety High Woman Crush Wednesday

(Image courtesy of Rebecca Black)

Name: Rebecca Black

Hometown: Anaheim, California

Birthday: June 21

Zodiac sign: Cancer


Fun Facts:

1. Some of her fondest food memories are of her mother's traditional Mexican cooking.

"My mom's rajas and homemade chicken taquitos make me feel so warm and mushy for home. I haven't mastered those on my own, but my dad's Frito chili pie is something I make when I'm feeling homesick."

-Rebecca Black


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2. Her favorite guilty pleasure is spending half a day bingeing The Real Housewives, whether she's tuning into Beverly Hills or Salt Lake City.

"Though there's not much guilt there anymore at this point!"

-Rebecca Black

3. When she really wants to focus while working or reading, she'll play ASMR videos in the background to get in the zone.

4. Some day, she hopes to overcome her fear of skydiving.

"It looks so fun, but I don't do well high up!"

-Rebecca Black


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5. Rebecca's favorite thing about herself can be a little bit complicated.

"That feels like a big question. I really have learned to appreciate my willingness to see my biggest creative dreams become true."

-Rebecca Black

6. Her favorite type of weather is a warm day with rain.

7. Her girlfriend, her dog, her brother's dogs and her sister's smile never fail to put a big grin on her face.

8. Ever since she was a teenager, she's been collecting keepsakes from her most treasured experiences, from lanyards and concert tickets to photos from disposable cameras and travel trinkets.


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9. When it comes to her nails, Rebecca always wants to be wearing something new, that she's never done before.

"I've gone to the same nail tech, Loi Lien, for the past seven and a half years living in L.A., and he is always down to play. Right now, they're cream and black with stars and French tips."

-Rebecca Black

10. Above everything else, her main goal is to become the person she's always aspired to be.

"I'm always thinking about who I was as a child and what she would hope to see me do or be getting older, and I try to live my life and create as closely to that as I possibly can. And just like her, I still get just as lost in the fantasy of what's possible every time."

-Rebecca Black


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