Rebecca Shearing On Recording and Covers!

Rebecca Shearing is a singer-songwriter from Scotland best known for gorgeous keyboard interpretations of both hits and classic songs.Rebecca Shearing

Rebecca spoke with us about how she got started in the business and where her music might take her next!

It seems music had always been in Rebecca's blood.

"My mum said I was singing before I could talk," Rebecca said.

Though Rebecca's immediate family wasn't super musical, they did play a few instruments. Her grandfather was also a jazz pianist.

"I think I got some music through that," she explained.

Rebecca followed in his footsteps and started piano lessons of her own when she was just 7.

As she grew older, she learned not just to play the classics, but to create music of her own. Rebecca said her songwriting process goes smoothly when she is inspired.

"I find it easiest to sit at a piano and think up a story, or if I have something on my mind I focus on that," she said.

Unfortunately, inspiration isn't something always under Rebecca's control.

"I usually get inspiration at the worst times, like when I'm driving or in the shower, so I can't write anything down!" she said.

Currently, Rebecca's biggest musical inspirations are Lana Del Rey and Tom Odell.

"I also gained inspiration from old Christina songs and Jeff Buckley's album 'Grace'," she said.

Rebecca first decided to upload a video of her music when she saw other covers online.

"It looked fun," Rebecca said. "People seemed to like my singing and requested new songs, so I sang them and it started to snowball a little."

Rebecca tends to cover the songs she enjoys. It doesn't matter to her much whether the songs are new or old as long as she likes them.

"Either it has been stuck in my head for a while and I can't get it out, or I hear something in it and want to put my own spin on it," she said. "I like trying out different things with the piano or guitar until I find something I like."

Rebecca recently returned from working with Grammy-nominated mastering engineer Mandy Parnell in London. While there, she recorded some new tracks that will be out sometime soon!

She's also working on her new website and has been busy booking shows all over.

"I'm excited for things to start rolling!" she said. "I'm in music full time now and having the best time."

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