5 Ways to Stylishly Recycle Your Prom Dress

Prom dresses can be a big investment, so it's always a pity when you retire your dress to the depths of your closet after just one night of wear.

In order to get more mileage from your purchase, we've come up with the five best ways to restyle your prom dress after the big night. A couple styling tweaks and accessories should do the trick. Read on for what they are!

promdress-body-061117(via Reformation)

Style It With a Studded Belt

Nothing says "laid back rocker" more than a studded belt. A black studded belt is sure to match any dress color. The punk factor will also tone down how formal your dress looks. Cinch your waist with a belt like the one pictured below.

Studded Belt(via Hot Topic)


Pair It With Classic Sneakers

Classic sneakers can be the perfect element in your wardrobe to get some extra wear out of your prom dress. Wear them without socks, and if possible, hike your dress up to show your foot candy. Ways of hiking your dress include making a knot with the dress' fabric and/or tucking the dress into a belt.

Adidas Stan Smith(via Macy's)


Layer On a Leather Jacket

A leather (or faux leather) jacket is a staple most of us have in our closet. This topper can be perfect for dialing down how formal a prom dress can look. Pick a colored version or a classic black to wear over your dress. This hack will instantly make your prom dress street chic.

black leather jacket(via H&M)


Layer Your Dress Over a Basic Tee

As a fashionable ode to the '90s, you can layer your dress over a basic tee. This styling trick only works if your dress was a strapless or spaghetti strap number. Fashion bloggers have been sporting this look and it's one of the best ways to make a very fancy dress look a bit more casual.

white t-shirt crew neck(via Amazon)


Drape a Jean Jacket Over Your Shoulders

Similar to a leather jacket, a denim topper is something that you very likely already own. Today's distressed versions are fantastic for this styling trick, but a simple style will do as well. In order to fully nail the look, don't put your arms through the jacket. Instead, drape it over your shoulders to nail this effortlessly.

distressed jean jacket

(via H&M)


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