Here's What You NEED to Know About All That Star Reece Caddell

With her incredible comedic timing and unstoppable sense of humor, All That star Reece Caddell has definitely caught our attention.

The ultra-talented comedian and actress is definitely going places, and we'll have an eye on her every step of the way. Keep reading to find out everything you've ever wanted to know about Reece.

Reece Caddell Woman Crush Wednesday

(Photo credit: Russell Baer)

Name: Reece Caddell

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Birthday: Aug. 25

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Fun Facts:

1. Reece only recently graduated from loving classic cheese pizza to pepperoni.

"I have a newfound love for it! When I'm feeling kinda fancy, also I love BBQ chicken pizza. Yum."

-Reece Caddell

2. She's been in show business basically since she was born, since her sisters are also actors.

"I didn't start acting myself until I was 5. I did a few small commercials and had a tiny role in a movie, but I didn't get my first larger role until I was 6 or 7. I got to play across from Stephen Merchant in the HBO series Hello Ladies. He is so funny! And tall! As we went through scenes, the crew would react to different takes and I started to figure what would make them laugh the most. I was hooked!"

-Reece Caddell

Reece Caddell and Stephen Merchant on the set of Hello Ladies

(Image courtesy of Reece Caddell)

3. Her dad is her biggest hero.

"He is so smart and playful and such a dad. He shows us cool nerdy stuff and tells us random dad jokes. He can solve any problem and is always there to talk to me or tickle me or help me think things through."

-Reece Caddell

4. The best concert she ever attended was also her first, seeing Taylor Swift.

"We went for my sister Maddy's 11th birthday, so I was pretty young, but it made an impact on me! It was a huge arena and everyone was so excited! It was her Red tour and we made signs that said 'Redheads for RED.' I can remember how her songs all had a different look with the lighting and her costumes. It was so awesome."

-Reece Caddell

Reece Caddell: Reheads for Red Taylor Swift

(Image courtesy of Reece Caddell)

5. Reece probably wouldn't want to travel to any other decade because she loves living in the here and now with all the great technology we have. But if she had to pick, she'd choose the '80s.

"I love the music and the fashion—I would love to rock the neon and side ponytail look! And the aesthetics were on point."

-Reece Caddell

6. Art is one of her passions.

"I love to draw and am really interested in digital art and animation. I'm taking a class on digital design in school this year and I draw every day, but I definitely need to spend more time working on it."

-Reece Caddell

7. The last celebrity she got starstruck over was Ella Anderson.

"We shoot on the same lot as her show, Henry Danger, and the first time I came around a corner and I saw her, I felt like my brain detached from my body and I forgot how to human. I was super awkward! But she's really nice. We did a sketch together for a crossover episode and I think I acted more normal? She dressed up as my Baby Papyrus character on All That and it was adorable."

-Reece Caddell

Reece Caddell and Ella Anderson

(Image courtesy of Reece Caddell)

8. Her favorite animals are dragons.

"I draw them all the time and I love reading or watching any stories that have dragons in them."

-Reece Caddell

9. Reece had a bit of trouble picking her favorite fictional universe she'd love to live in.

"I really want to go to Hogwarts, so definitely the Harry Potter universe. They have dragons and magic. Winning! And then there's the Percy Jackson universe. That series will always be one of my favorites."

-Reece Caddell

10. Her favorite day of the year is Halloween.

"I love the spookiness of it, even though I'm a bit of a scaredy-cat. Plus, there are all the costumes. It's so fun that people get to pretend and dress up. And then there's the candy, of course. Bonus!"

-Reece Caddell


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