Refreshing Your Wardrobe for the New Year With Tobi

We're addicted to shopping.

Okay, that might be a bit dramatic, but we do love adding new goodies to our closets from time to time. Tobi is one of our favorite online destinations for all things clothes, and we thought, what better way to start off the New Year than with some new pieces? Keep reading to see how we plan on refreshing our wardrobes for the New Year with Tobi:

For Lounging Around the House

Soft Clouds Beige Fuzzy Crop Top and Biker Shorts Set: $128 (on sale right now for $64!)

You know that fuzzy blanket you have that you just love getting cozy in? This set is just like that, but for wearing. We seriously can't get over the soft knit fuzzy fabric—we'd wear this every day if we could! Other than the material itself, we're also loving the style. Biker shorts are one of our fave styles of the moment, and this is our first pair of loungey ones! The high waist looks great paired with the crop—aka—the perfect outfit for chilling on the couch and watching Netflix.

tobi fuzzy two piece set

(via Tobi)


For Running a Quick Errand

Tristie Brown Ateen Sheen Button Down: $73 (on sale right now for $36!)

This adorable button down reminds us of the shacket trend, and we're here for it. If you need something lightweight to throw on when you're heading out the door, this is not only convenient, it's also dang cute. We love the idea of adding more brown hues to our closets, and this is a step in the right direction. Plus, this button down is versatile because it can be worn on its own as a shirt. Just pair it with your fave boots and biker shorts to complete the look!

tobi brown button up

(via Tobi)


For Dinner With the Girls

Many Mumbles Burgundy Ruffle Wrap Long Sleeve Dress: $72 (on sale right now for $36!)

Say hello to the wrap dress of your dreams. Featuring dreamy ruffle details and a high neck, this baby is anything but boring. It's a great dress for dinner with the girls or even your S.O. We love the deep burgundy color and think it will look best during the colder months. Pair it with some chunky boots for an edgy look, or your fave pair of heels for something more dainty.

tobi maroon wrap dress

(via Tobi)


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