REFY Beauty's Summer Skin Collection Needs to Be On Your Radar

Raise your hand if you're obsessed with makeup!

We know we sure are, and when we were introduced to REFY Beauty, it reminded us of how much we love the art. REFY is affordable, made with quality ingredients and has products that last all day long. Their Summer Skin collection was sent to us and after using it for the past month, we're in love. We plan on using the products all year long and think you should, too. Keep scrolling to learn all about the products in REFY Beauty's Summer Skin collection.

Duo Brush: $24

We'll admit it—we're total snobs when it comes to makeup brushes. We only use the best of the best, and after trying out this Duo Brush, we can officially say it's made its way into our rotation. The fluffy side is perfect for applying cream bronzer and won't leave you with any streaks. The application is seamless and blends into your skin flawlessly. The more compact brush side is a buffer with dense bristles, great for applying cream blush.


(via REFY)


Cream Blush: $20

Blush is having a moment, so it's no surprise we loved this product. Using the Duo Brush, apply the Cream Blush onto the apples of your cheeks and sweep it away from your face, bringing it up to the sides of your face. It's a sort-of contour look, but with blush, and we're obsessed. The formula is buildable and comes across as almost dewy-like (which is the goal). Plus, it's super pigmented, so a little will go a long way.


(via REFY)


Cream Bronzer: $26

We love adding a bit of bronzer to our makeup routines because it makes us look snatched. And if a cream bronzer scares you, trust us when we say putting this on is easy. Pick up a small amount on the Duo Brush and swipe it on the contours of your face. It's a beautiful formula that leaves you with a velvety finish. Plus, it's moisturizing so it won't dry out your skin.


(via REFY)


Gloss Highlighter: $26

Last but definitely not least is our absolute favorite product from the REFY Summer Skin collection—the Gloss Highlighter. You will look like a mixture of a goddess, an angel and a rockstar after applying this. It looks great on the cheekbones (over the Cream Blush and Cream Bronzer), or even on places like eyelids, the collarbone, under the brow bone or lips. We even tried it out under our foundation, applying it all overThe end result was a super glowy look. Highly recommend!


(via REFY)


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