I Went to a Professional to Get My Energy Cleared—and Here's What Happened

It doesn't matter how happy we are or where our mental state is—over time, all of the energy from our general surroundings piles up on us.

Living in Los Angeles, there is a lot of chaos. I love my job, where I live and who I hang out with, but between the endless traffic and hectic lifestyles out here, it can be a bit wearing.

That said, I thought it would be interesting to go for a reiki session at a highly recommended place in Santa Monica called Aura Shop. I had an hour-long appointment with Nicole for Theta Healing, which is described on the location's website as a method that unlocks "the unhealthy beliefs and thought patterns from the subconscious mind. It allows you to drastically reshape your reality and truly manifest your highest potential."

crystals at Aura Shop in Santa Monica

As I've noted before, I'obsessed with fall. It's the most magical season and it definitely brings out my spiritual side. What better time to clear my energy than during the thick of October?

When I arrived to my session, Nicole walked me into the back of the shop, where I stepped into a beautiful room with crystals and pretty lights. Nicole basically dripped of positive energy. She was soft-spoken and had a nurturing way about her. I was excited to get started.

Nicole is not a psychic or anything like that, but within seconds of our meeting, she somehow read me, my upbringing and my then-current state of mind like a book. I didn't tell her anything beforehand. It was pretty crazy. I was really impressed.

the healing room at Aura Shop in Santa Monica

We began with some subconscious mind exercises. She asked me some questions, and based on the way I naturally leaned forward or backward, it demonstrated how I feel about myself subconsciously. Sounds interesting, right? From there, she was able to determine which things in my subconscious mind that we need readjust.

Next, we sat down and she compared my then-current energy state to a full emailbox, explaining that when a mailbox is full, no more messages can come in (basically my energy was full and no new energy could come in). From there, she performed some exercises that released my current energy so that fresh vibes could now enter my body.

After that, she gave me three heavy energy rings to place around various parts of my body. While this was going on, she talked about the different ways she was adjusting my energy.

healing rings at Aura Shop in Santa Monica

Last, she gave me some major words of general life encouragement, reminding me that I should live every day like the star I am. I try live a life of confidence at most times, but sometimes I can feel a little bogged down with too much going on in my mind. I know I'm generally awesome, but sometimes it's nice to have someone else say it (even if I am paying them—haha).

After we completed our session, I felt a little more clear. Before I left the shop, I purchased a rose quartz necklace. It is absolutely beautiful. Rose quartz is a stone that attracts love and overall happiness. I felt really good about my find.

healing stones at Aura Shop in Santa Monica

To sum up my entire experience, I'm really glad that I fed my curiosity hunger to complete one of these sessions, and I can't believe how much Nicole knew about me right off the bat. Would I go back? Yes, I do think it is interesting and I'd be curious if it makes a more noticeable difference over time. I'll be honest, I don't notice a huge difference (yet), so we shall see. It's only been a few days. I do have a bit of a clearer head, though, and my confidence has been amplified.

After much consideration, I realized that spending one hour with a professional healer isn't going to suddenly just make all of my cares and concerns dissipate. Happiness, confidence, healthy relationships and whatever else human beings value comes from within and self-work. Nevertheless, I 100% believe in energy (both bad and good), I will continue to wear my rose quartz with pride and I'll definitely go back to Aura Shop.


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