I Finally Felt the Effects of Reiki Healing, Proving Our Bodies Are Capable of Magic

If our bodies can accept negative energy into our systems, they should also be able to reject it, right?

Sounds simple, but after four different reiki sessions over the last three years (ranging from 45 minutes to an hour and 20 minutes), I found that there was absolutely zero change in my body. A few of those sessions were documented on Sweety High, as I tried to tell myself that perhaps I was indeed feeling a little lighter or looking at the world from a more positive view.

Reiki is the act of clearing the energy from your body. It also opens up your chakras to accept help and love in body parts where it is especially needed. Sounds really cool, right? That is, if it works. Well, it didn't work for me so I kind of gave up. I didn't necessarily think it was a joke and that it wasn't possible to work. I just didn't think it was going to work for me.

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But I've still remained fascinated as ever, because I'm a really spiritual person and I firmly believe in all forms of holistic healing—if only you could see my essential oils collection or energy stones scattered all throughout my apartment.

Well, my cousin Mollie came to visit me last week for a few days. She'all about that spiritual life. She's an aerial yoga instructor, a certified reiki specialist, a tarot and angel card reader and she knows a whole darn lot about stones.

At the time she came, I was in a weird state. Like everything was going fine and it's not like there was any outright reason for me to feel uneasy, but I just felt like I was in a little bit of a funk and needed a shift. I don't know if it was the insane heat (in case you haven't been following, I absolutely despise summertime), the fact that my apartment was in shambles (having guests automatically equals having a temporarily messy living space), or I don't know what. I just felt like I needed a boost in life.

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The week she came was great. So many of my friends made an effort to come out and make her feel welcome, and we went out for a really nice dinner one of the nights and had a chance to go to some of the local spots around town that I love, but I still felt weird.

The whole trip, she kept saying she wanted to do reiki on me because she's done it successfully on many people. I kept saying I wanted to do it, but we kept getting sidetracked. And then came an hour before we were leaving to take her to the airport. We cleaned up the apartment a bit and organized some scattered drawers and such, so I felt like I was in a significantly better state to take part in a spiritual procedure.

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She had me lie down on my bed for a few minutes and then placed her hands on various parts of my body required for the experience. But approximately seven minutes through, she stopped abruptly because she feared she wouldn't make her flight in time. So that was that. We completed a tiny session and hopped in the car and went on our merry way, me feeling no different.

The next morning was a Wednesday and I went back to work (I took Monday and Tuesday off to spend time with my cousin). I brought my yoga things with me because why not? But early into the day, I started feeling a little weak, developing a cramping feeling in the middle of my chest and a cough. As someone who rarely gets sick and who knows their body very well, this was definitely an abnormal feeling. Mollie wasn't sick while she was here, so it's not like I caught anything from her, and I didn't do anything or go anywhere that would cause illness.

The cramps were so weird, too. They were unlike any other cramping I'd ever experienced. Like they were uncomfortable but not debilitating. I didn't know what to do. Do I ask to leave work early? I could stick it out, right? And it wasn't like I felt nauseous—just really run down. Well, I sticked it out, came home and basically just chilled in bed (sorry yoga!), took like three baths, used essential oils and finally made it to sleep.

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I woke up the next day and the coughing and cramping persisted. I still went to work, but I definitely did not feel my best self. It was so weird. I kept questioning what could possibly be wrong, but because I know my body, I knew it wasn't necessarily anything that required a doctor's attention.

Come Friday, the coughing had dissipated, but the cramping was still very present. But what I also began to notice is that my mood was slightly enhancing. On that day in particular, I saw things from a much more positive light and I kind of didn't care about the minor things that I found myself so frequently caring about. And then it all dawned on me: This had to be the reiki working. The cramping and coughing was coming from areas in which the energy in my system was being shaken up. It was crazy. Once that realization hit, I was in a really positive headspace.

After work on Friday, I headed over to my best friend from high school's house, and while I wouldn't call it a natural "high" that I was on, I simply felt neutral, which was good enough for me. I felt the way I should feel—happy about my surroundings and the blessings I have in my life. We had such a wonderful evening together, even though I was cramping the entire time. I slept over at her place (reliving the good ol' glory days) and she knocked on the door at 12:30, fearing something was wrong because this was the longest she'd ever known me to sleep in (sleeping in for me is like 9 a.m.). I woke up and felt so refreshed. I would have never been able to sleep in this late. It was good to catch up on those Zzzs.

I left her place at around 1:30 p.m. and headed back to mine. I spent the day mainly chillin' by myself in front of the air vent (no joke) but I was in such positive spirits. I was starting to feel the confidence and gratitude that somehow got lost along my recent trekkings. Again, I wasn't necessarily on top of the world, but I felt out of this little rut I was in.

That evening, my L.A. bestie Jen came over. I had been texting her all day about this crazy experience that I wanted to share with her. Finally she got to my place, and although I was majorly cramping, it didn't even bother me because it meant that my body was doing something good in the process. It's sort of like being sore after a really good workout. I love that feeling because it means the workout was legit!

Jen and I went out for dinner and she sensed a very positive vibe in me. And I really felt great. I left the house feeling like a million bucks (whilst hunched over—haha). The night was so light and fun and perfectly capped off this spiritual enlightenment. I'm so grateful that it just so happened I had plans with these two people this weekend, because I can't think of any better people with whom I'd like to share this experience. They are always so positive, encouraging and definitely bring out the best in me, so I think whatever I was already starting to feel was emphasized by being in their presence throughout the weekend.


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Fast-forward to Monday and I was physically feeling back to normal. In addition, some of the happiness had subsided. I had a little bit of my traditional Monday morning anxiety (Monday blues are the worst), and while it was indeed a slight struggle to get out of bed, I reminded myself of how good I felt this weekend and put myself back into that mindset. If I was there just a day or two before, what was stopping me from being there now?

So I finally got out of bed, threw on a dress and a cute blazer, I flat ironed my hair, put on a considerable amount of makeup, and voila—instantly felt better. And I'm going to spray tan at lunchtime (seriously, these things help—me, at least) Moving forward, I know I need to focus less on what everyone else is doing or what I don't have in my life, and think about all the amazing blessings that surround me.

In everyone's lives, we are consumed by so many things that cloud our minds. Whether it's family and relationships, jobs and school or just our general brains working like hamster wheels, it can be really easy to lose sight of what's truly important in life. It happens to everyone, but this exercise definitely got me a little more grounded. I hope the effects are long lasting. I want to try the procedure again, but I'm nervous to go to anyone else because apparently not all reiki specialists have that magic touch.

Either way, if anything further does happen, I'll provide the full report here.


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