Meeting With a Spiritual Healer? Here's How to Get the Most Out of Your Session

In case you haven't noticed, we are all about holistic forms of self-help here at Sweety High.

From intuitive readings, to tarot readings, to healing crystals, we frequently surround ourselves in spiritual settings with specialists and we open our hearts and our minds to new energy.

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Spiritual healing is something I've been fascinated by for almost a decade. Approximately 8.5 years ago, I wandered aimlessly into a now-defunct shop called East|West Living in Manhattan with my Aunt Patti. There were endless rows and shelves chock full of crystals and books and pretty much anything in that realm you can imagine. I knew absolutely nothing about this world at the time. So when I decided to purchase a particular peacock stone just for fun, I was shocked when suddenly everything in my life was magically heightened.

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Look, who really knows if the stone brought a new vision or simply that was just life, but either way, I have continued being fascinated in this area of practice. It's incredibly calming and it's refreshing to connect with people in touch with their spiritual side.

That said, it had been a few years since taking on a reiki session, and I was eager to go again. Lots has changed since my last time, so why not check in with my subconscious in the present?

I searched online for positive reviews for reiki specialists in Los Angeles and came across Julianna Davis of Auralux. I expressed to her some of the things I recently tried and what I was looking for currently, and she suggested I do a chakra rejuvenation session.

As the Auralux site describes the process, "Chakras are cleansed, opened and balanced during this treatment with a combination of reiki, crystals, Chromotherapy, sound healing, energetic chord cutting, smudging and aromatherapy."

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When I walked into the Auralux room, Julianna greeted me warmly and then we chatted for a bit about my life and what I want to achieve from my session. I felt completely relaxed, and despite drinking a slew of caffeine throughout the day, I somehow was able to fall asleep during Julianna's very vivid guided meditation portion. I was also able to deeply visualize shapes in my body that were supposed to represent and set free certain emotions. The approximate hour-long session altogether was incredibly soothing, and I appreciated that Julianna was very realistic with me about what I could hypothetically obtain from just one session.

The very specifics of my session, or anyone's session for that matter, are between the person and the healer, but based on my experience with Julianna and other healers in the past, I've gained knowledge on how anyone can get the most out of their time in these environments. Keep scrolling and get to healing!

1. Come in With an Open Mind

This should go without saying, but if you come into a healing situation either expecting the worst or simply not expecting anything to happen at all, you are closing yourself off to the positive, new energy that can seep into your system. There's no way of predicting what—if anything at all—will happen during your session, but be open to the unknown and don't weird yourself out by the particular practices being bestowed upon you. You obviously came to this session for a reason, now immerse yourself in it.


2. (Try to) Come in With a Clear Mind

This one can be tricky, because a lot of the time, we see a healer for the simple reason that we want to clear our minds. We are being bogged down with bad energy and want to get rid of it. But, if we come in already with a clear mind, we can focus on the session much more easily and there isn't anything blocking new energy. I know for me, when I've gone to sessions with a lot on my plate, my mind has been spinning like a hamster wheel during moments when I should have been relaxed. During my session with Julianna, I felt so incredibly at ease. I've never fallen asleep during a healing session before, so this was a good sign—my thoughts weren't getting the best of me.

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3. Know That Every Person's Experience Will Be Different

I've read all different kinds of stories online regarding the aftermath of just one reiki session. Sometimes so much energy or trauma or whatever the case may be, leaves a person's system that they may feel temporarily ill or experience other side-effects. I don't think these are necessarily common (especially for first-timers), but according to internet testimonials, apparently it can happen.

And then there are people who go to tarot readings and feel like they have everything figured out for them. It all just makes sense.

Well, that said, you can't go into every healing session expecting a groundbreaking moment. Julianna, herself, was very honest with me (about chakra rejuvenation, for example) and said that there's a chance I won't feel much of anything after the one session, but that as people come back (usually once every 2-4 weeks), they start to feel more and more of a difference.

I will be honest: I felt positive and relaxed after my Auralux session, but I didn't experience a groundbreaking epiphany—and that's okay.

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4. Be as Honest With Your Healer as Possible

Honesty is incredibly important when you want to release pain and negative energy. Obviously some people have deep trauma or past experiences they'd rather not relive, but not opening up to your healer about these things is preventing you from letting go of them. You don't even realize how something from, let's say 10 years ago, is continuing to hold you back subconsciously even if you don't feel like it affects your day-to-day life.

When it came to me, personally, there was nothing that I didn't feel comfortable sharing with Julianna. But she did preface our deep chat with the option to hold back if something felt too intense. Although she did also note that the more forthcoming I am, the more we can dig and rid lingering negativity.

Now obviously, the whole forthcoming bit depends on the type of healer you are seeing. If you're going to a psychic or medium, only provide the minimal information required. Let them do all the work!


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