Relatable Basic's Customizable and Personalized Blankets Are Super Cute AND One-of-a-Kind

I understand we're currently in the throes of summer, but if you're anything like me, sometimes you need a comfy blanket when the air conditioning in the house is turned way, way up.

And of course, blankets always feel even cozier when they're ridiculously cute. I'm always on the lookout for the best of the best when it comes to great decor, and when I stumbled upon Relatable Basic's personalized zodiac blankets on Instagram, I knew I had to have one.

The brand is all about unique custom blankets, tailored to the buyer, and when I reached out to the company, they were generous to make one just for me (and my Sagittarius zodiac sign). Here's everything you need to know about that process.

The Brand

Relatable Basic is a brand that's all about cute, personalized decor. They make everything from beach towels to pillows, candles and canvases, but their most beloved items seem to be their custom blankets, including both throw blankets and fleece blankets.

So what exactly do they personalize? Their blankets for individuals, couples and families can include things like names, birth times, wedding dates, constellation maps and zodiac symbols, and even custom text. Once you pick the style and customization options you want, they're produced in four to seven business days and shipped in three to seven business days after that, and shipping is totally free.

Relatable Basic the roses tiger blanket

(via Relatable Basic)


The Blanket

Before I snuggle up with a blanket of my own, I had to decide what I wanted. Eventually, I settled on the adorable Pink Funny Zodiac Fleece Blanket (starting at $72) for my Sagittarius sign, featuring a very cute pants-wearing doggy wielding a bow and arrow. Once I'd picked my sign, I had some other choices and inputs to make, including the size, adding my name and deciding whether I wanted custom text. I decided against it, feeling that the Sag default text "Real as Hell" was cute, and appropriate.

Relatable Basic pink funny zodiac blanket

(via Relatable Basic)

Once I'd sent in that information, it took precisely five days for the blanket to show up at my door, and when I opened it up, it was exactly as I'd envisioned it. The design looked just like it had on the website, with its finely defined lines in blue, grey and orange, but with my own name displayed across the bottom. Even better yet, I loved the texture of the blanket. The front, printed side is very fine fleece, while the backside is warm sherpa. That makes it ultra comfy, as well as perfectly tailored to me. Plus it's totally machine-washable, so I'll be able to wash it without worry when the time comes.

RElatable Basic Amanda blanket


Bottom Line

If you love comfortable blankets, astrology and anything that feels like it was made just for you, I can't recommend Relatable Basic (specifically their custom fleece blankets) enough. If you think the designs on their website are super cute, you'll love them even more in person, and though they are a little bit pricey, the custom aspect makes them absolutely worth it. I feel like mine isn't just a blanket that feels like it's just right for me, but also a funny keepsake I'll always treasure—and I'll definitely be keeping the brand in mind for special custom gifts in the future.

Relatable basic funny pink zodiac blanket

(via Relatable Basic)


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