If You've Ever Had a Birthday, You'll Relate to These Birthday Memes

Birthdays aren't always the perfect celebrations everyone imagines them to be.

Not everyone loves their birthdays (or celebrating everyone else's). For every fun, glorious or painful date of birth you encounter in life, these memes will help you get through it.

The reason you're probably here:


When it comes to getting someone else a birthday present:


And the pain of knowing someone else did it to you on your birthday:


Your biggest birthday fear:


Oh, the pain:

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Questioning how well your friends really know you:

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How you really feel about your big day:

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…Even if it's all about the perks:


We've all had that one birthday:


The most important birthday of all:


For a highly logical birthday:


Your timing could not be better:

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There isn't much else you can do:


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