11 Relatable Jokes for Anyone Who's Ever Had a Crush

Having a crush on someone is an amazing yet agonizing experience.

You daydream about your life together, but are also too afraid to do anything about it.

For anyone who's ever experienced the joys of crushing, you'll relate to these 11 jokes:

1. Maybe it's because we have a huge crush on you?


2. There's no better feeling than when your crush sends you a bunch of snaps.


3. Or when your crush laughs at your jokes.



4. Our love for our crush will go the distance.


5. Catch us always trying to be our crush's partner for any and every group project.


6. It's always nice when your friends are supportive of your relationship with your crush.


7. Do you believe in magic?


8. We're always so heart-eyes when our crush sends us a text, even if they're just asking what the homework assignment was.


9. How do we make this happen?


10. The. Worst.


11. And this pie chart pretty much sums it all up.


If your crush happens to have a crush on your BFF, HERE's what you need to do.