10 Truths You'll Only Get If Your Grandparents Live With You

Not everyone lives in a nuclear household consisting of mom, dad and the kids. For some of us, grandparents are also thrown into the mix.

Do you also have a "grandfamily?" If you do, we bet you'll relate to these truths.

Moana and her dancing grandmother

(Moana via Walt Disney Animation Studios)

1. You've always had multiple authority figures in your life and your grandparents raised you as much as—if not more than—your parents.

2. If you ever need guidance, you go to your grandparents first. After all, they've had a lifetime's worth of experiences more than your parents.

3. You tend to feel slightly more mature than your peers. After all, your education comes from a wiser generation.

4. The concept of a babysitter is completely alien to you since there has always been a grandparent around to keep tabs on you at all times.

5. Chances are that you belong to one of two camps. Either your grandparents are super old school and strictly enforce the same rules on you that they did with your parent, or they are super chill and let you get away with pretty much anything.

6. Homemade dinners are a family staple since your grandparents are always around to prep and cook. And if there are any special foods associated with your family's history and culture, you're extremely familiar with them thanks to your grandparents.

Mulan coming home from the matchmaker with mom and grandma

(Mulan via Walt Disney Feature Animation)

7. When your parents and your grandparents disagree on something regarding your life, you know how to play them off each other so you get your way at least most of the time.

8. A lot of the knowledge passed on to you by your grandparents is probably old wives' tales and pseudoscience, but as long as the advice or remedies seem to work, you're happy to buy into them.

9. You know every embarrassing story about your parent, aunts and uncles because your grandparents tell them non-stop.

10. Lots of your friends have grandparents that they never see because they live far away. You can't even imagine what that's like because your grandparents are like a second set of parents to you. You couldn't imagine your life any other way.

Rugrats: Grandpa Stu holding Tommy in the rain

(The Rugrats Movie via Klasky Csupo)


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