17 Things You'll Relate to If You're Always in a Relationship

Simply put, some of us are just relationship people.

We bond easily and we love deeply, which is the perfect personality recipe for continuous longterm relationships.

If you're one of these people, then you know that this lifestyle comes along with its fair share of truths and struggles.

Continue reading for everything you'll only understand if you're a serial monogamist:

1. You're the go-to person when anyone has relationship questions or are in need of advice. In other words, you are your friend group's version of the Love Doctor

2. Often your friends assume you'll be busy with your S.O., so they don't extend a courtesy invite and you end up feeling really left out… whether or not their assumption was correct.

Hanna checking her texts

(Pretty Little Liars via the CW)

3. All your single friends think you have it made, but sometimes you secretly wish that you could experience some single lady freedom every once in a while. At least patches of the grass are always greener on the other side. 

4. You've had at least one fight with your BFF because she feels like you prioritize your relationship over her friendship.

Hanna and Jess arguing in Girls

(Girls via HBO)

5. You're way better than anyone else at handling arguments because years of relationships have taught you to lead with "I" statements.

6. Your entire life is a constant struggle to balance school, friends, and your S.O. At any given moment one of the categories of this trifecta is bound to suffer.

7. Your breakups are the most dramatic because you've likely been in each of them long-term. Because you're a relationship girl, you don't mess with unions that'll only last a month.

Hanna and Caleb in fight

(Pretty Little Liars via the CW)

8. You never stay single for long because by the time one relationship ends, you already have your eyes on a new suitor.

9. Your parents have an extended invite to your S.O. for any and all family get-togethers. Speaking of family, you're entire extended family is probably well-acquainted with your love as well.

Aaron arriving to Fosters house party

(The Fosters via Freeform)

10. On the flip side, you also know so much drama about a family that isn't technically yours. Ugh, Auntie Debbie, amirite?

11. You always have an extra present to gift when the holidays roll around. Sure, that means one more present for you, but it also means your bank account gets dinged an extra notch.

12. More than once you've imagined forever with the person you're currently dating.

Aria and Ezra's wedding

(Pretty Little Liars via the CW)

13. That awkward moment when someone asks for your number or to hang out, and you're not sure if you should disclose that you're in a relationship (which would be totally embarrassing if they themselves weren't looking to date you) or agree to the coffee date without understanding their intentions.

14. You always feel an extra level of support because you have the love of your life to hold you close when you're feeling down.

Brandon and Grace in love

(The Fosters via Freeform)

15. You have to admit you've missed out on tons of friend hangouts because you always have plans with your S.O. on the weekends.

16. It's incredibly important to you that your friends like your new boyfriend or girlfriend because you all know that you'll be spending a lot of time together.

17. Unpopular opinion: You don't hate Valentine's Day.


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