These Memes Are Painfully Relatable for Anyone Who's Single

The single life is full of its ups and downs.

On those tough days, we find that laughter is the best medicine—especially at our own expense.

If you're struggling with your single status, scrolling through these hilarious memes is sure to make you feel better.

1. You think the single life didn't choose you, except it did.


2. Reading your 2018 horoscope like…

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3. Isn't this always the case?


4. We'd rather be in a relationship with pizza anyway.


5. When you're bitter about being single and see couples being cute…


6. Somebody pick us already!

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7. Which Rupi Kuar poem is this?


8. Lana Del Rey gets it.

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9. Being the single friend is fun until it's not.

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10. No one is there for us quite like memes.

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11. It all makes sense now.


12. Cries, but in red.


13. You grow to be way too comfortable with being single.


14. Alone and free.


15. Everybody's playing the waiting game.


If you're worried you'll be single forever, HERE are a few things to keep in mind.