9 Things You'll Only Relate to If You Have Lots of 'Aunties'

In certain cultures, family gatherings are dominated by "aunties." Some are related to you, some aren't, but they're all part of your big, happy family.

If you're constantly surrounded by aunties, we think you'll instantly relate to these nine things.

1. If any woman is invited to a family gettogether, chances are she'll become your honorary auntie. Is she a family friend? Someone's coworker or colleague?  Someone who randomly knocked on the door and got invited in? You have no idea—but at least you know what to call them.

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2. You don't have a firm grasp on who's actually related to you by blood or marriage and who's chosen family. When you ask, people typically chide you for being nosy, or are clueless themselves.

3. There are dozens of ladies who you know are literally related to you, but the actual relationship gets obscured by the broad title of auntie. Someone could be your mom's sister or a third cousin, twice removed, and you'd be none the wiser.

4. For reasons you'll never be able to explain, your family gatherings always have a larger proportion of women than men. There are "uncles,"  but no one pays them much attention and they're usually off doing their own thing. Of course, the aunties are the life of every party.

5. Since any older female automatically becomes an "auntie," if you have younger siblings or cousins, you've probably accidentally been called their auntie, too.

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6. You've learned your lesson and now know to wear something comfy (and stretchy) to every family potluck, because the aunties guarantee you don't go home without stuffing yourself first. Not only is there an ample food selection, but they will insist you help yourself to second (and third, and fourth) helpings.

7. You're always up to date on every bit of family and town gossip because aunties love to tell stories and keep the others informed, and there's always at least one within earshot.

8. You've learned the customary greeting of the auntie is a rough cheek pinch.

9. Having an untold number of awesome aunties means you've always had lots of fabulous lady role models in your life, and you have someone to go to for every type of problem you can imagine. Have questions? The answer is just an auntie away.

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