If You Have a Big Fam, You'll Relate to These 7 Things

If you've got a big family, you know about the struggle.

The "struggle" varies from day to day and is something you're always faced with. These include agreeing on where to go out to eat, who gets to ride shotgun and the constant borrowing (err… stealing) of clothing. While your family might get on your nerves a lot of the time (like, seriously a lot), you still love them with your entire heart.

If you have a big fam, continue reading for the seven things you'll definitely relate to:

1. Bringing a New S.O. to Meet the Fam is Super Intimidating—For Them

Whenever a new S.O. is introduced to your family, lots of discussion with your partner beforehand is necessary. You quiz them on everyone's names, tell them things to bring up and things to definitely not bring up, note the  questions your parents might ask, mention the fact that your sibs will try to embarrass you and that your cousins might even stop on by when they're over. Yeah—it's pretty intimidating for a person to be thrust into a huge, crazy fam.

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2. The Oldest Sibling Had It the Hardest Growing Up

The first sibling is basically a guinea pig for parents. They try out all the methods on this person to see what works and what doesn't. They're super strict on them and give them early curfews. But, by the time the other siblings roll through, they typically have it easy. After all, raising a big family is tough work, so it's no wonder parents want to take a break from it all every now and then.



3. You Have a Stash of Food Hidden in Your Room

If you leave your food lying around the house or in the kitchen, don't expect to see it there the next day. The people in your family are vacuums and will eat anything in sight. You've even tried labeling your food and threatening your fam if they touch it, but they still take it for themselves. You keep your fave snacks close to your heart in your room or a secret hiding spot somewhere else in the house.



4. Going Places With Everyone Is a Struggle

There are many situations when you end up having to take separate cars to get places. One car is for the group of people who were actually ready on time, and the other is for the procrastinators. Plus, road trips are absolutely horrible. Being in tight quarters with your fam is not good for anyone involved. Whether someone's kicking your seat or the music playing on the stereo doesn't match your mood, something will always go wrong. If it were up to you, road trips would be avoided at all costs.

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5. There's Always Something or Someone to Celebrate

Whether it's a grandparent's birthday, a cousin's baby shower, an aunt's wedding or a sibling's recital, something's always on the agenda when it comes to your family. Occasions tend to be an all-day affair, and halfway through, you always beg your parents to go home early. You love your fam, but you can only take so much of them! While you all have an amazing time spent together, it's true what they say: Distance makes the heart grow fonder.



6. There's Constant Bickering

With multiple personalities in a room, tensions are bound to build and eventually break through the surface. Maybe someone stole the last cookie or your sister borrowed your shirt and got a stain on it. Whatever the case may be, you expect to get into at least one battle of bickering a day. Even if it's something as simple as an eye-roll, you're always annoyed with someone, even if you know in your heart they haven't actually done anything to warrant your feelings.



7. You Have Lots of Hand-Me-Downs

If you drive, it's probably a car that's been passed down to you. Your closet, on the other hand, is jam-packed with items handed down to you from cousins and siblings. A lot of your friends feel bad for you, but honestly, if your fam has a good sense of style, you're swimming in cute and trendy clothes. Plus, trends always come back around, so whenever you get handed down something, you save it, even if it's not in style at the moment. With that said, it is nice to treat yourself to something new every now and then.

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