7 Comprises You Should NEVER Make in a Relationship

A new relationship can feel all-encompassing, like your whole life has been leading up to it. Still, it's important never to lose yourself in it.

While your first reaction might be to do everything you can to make your S.O. happy, relationships are a two-way street. When it comes to the tough issues, it's important to stand your ground.

Below are the seven things you should never compromise in your relationships:


Your Worth

Your sense of self-worth should never be dependent on your relationship. If someone intentionally makes you feel bad about yourself, you shouldn't be with them. On the other hand, you also shouldn't base your entire value on your S.O.'s compliments and affection. In a relationship, it's particularly important to establish your value for yourself. They should push you to be the best version of yourself in a way that's positive and encouraging while allowing you to find your own way.

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Your Family

If your family means everything to you but it feels like your partner is trying to cut you off from them, it's never a good sign. Before long, that possessiveness will only hurt both of you. While it's important to spend time with your new S.O., it's equally important to strike a careful balance in the relationship and let them know that not all of your time can be dedicated to them. After all, it's never worth tarnishing your loving relationship with your family over someone who doesn't respect your needs.


Your Friendships

It's common for a new S.O. to feel a little jealous of your closest friends, and vice versa, but your new relationship should never mean that you stop hanging out with your friends entirely. Again, it's important to find a balance between them and let both parties know that they're important to you. If your partner doesn't like that, they'll just have to deal with it or move on.


Your Free Time

While some people prefer to spend every waking second with their significant other, others need individual free time to recharge and reflect. If you need your space, it's crucial that your partner honors that. Just because you don't have plans doesn't mean you're obligated to spend that spare time with them.

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Your Principles

Never let anyone make you go against your own values and beliefs. You're your own person, and you shouldn't compromise the principles that are important to you for anyone. If you and your S.O. don't see eye to eye, it's important that you learn to agree to disagree or find a happy middleground that suits you both when it's something that really matters. If you can learn to talk things out, you'll both gain so much.


Your Ambitions

Your significant other should never hold you back from doing the things you've always dreamed of doing. They should be supportive, and any naysaying should come from a place of concern for your health and safety rather than of jealousy or inadequacy. Your partner should encourage you every step of the way toward your loftiest ambitions and be a pillar of support when no one else is.


Your Sense of Self

Pretending to be something you're not, for the sake of your S.O. is never a good idea. Not only will it exhaust you, but when you can't keep up the charade anymore, they'll probably be disappointed to find out that you aren't who they thought you were. Honesty is the best policy from the beginning. Of course you should take an interest in their favorite things, but don't pretend you're an expert or that you love those things when you don't. Just be yourself, and if they don't like you for who you are, it wasn't meant to be in the first place.

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