7 Green Flags That Indicate Your Relationship Should Go Full Steam Ahead

We hear quite a lot about red flags in a relationship.

From not getting along with your parents, to refusing to say "I'm sorry," there are plenty of things that should immediately cause you to kick your S.O. to the curb.

But what about green flags—the things that indicate your romance might actually be super healthy? Don't they deserve some attention, too?

We think so. Keep scrolling for seven green flags that indicate your relationship should go full steam ahead.

1. They Express Their Emotions

New relationships are often full of annoying little games. We're all afraid of being vulnerable, so we spend a lot of time trying to convince the other person that we're the one who cares less. But relationships simply can't exist if you're not being upfront about your feelings. That's why it's so important to hold on to someone who can honestly express just how much they like you, even though sometimes it's absolutely terrifying to do. If they can tell you how they're feeling at the beginning, they're guaranteed to be much more open down the line, which is crucial to the success of your romance.

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2. They Encourage Time With Your Friends

Maintaining your friendships while you're in a relationship is so incredibly important. Not only does it give you a life outside of your S.O., it also ensures that you have people to turn to and rely on when you need them. The beginning of any romance is usually marked by a desire to spend as much time as you possibly can with your S.O., which means it can be difficult to remove yourself from your partner in order to make time for your friends.

Therefore, an S.O. who encourages you to spend time with your pals should be cherished. It shows that they understand the value of true friendship, that they don't want to be controlling or demanding of your time and that they don't rely on you to fill every second of their day. It starts your relationship off with a healthier balance of spending time together and spending time apart, indicating that you might have what it takes to make things work long-term.


3. They Make You (Genuinely) Laugh

A sense of humor is likely on everyone's list of must-have qualities in an S.O. But what does that really mean in a relationship? Someone can have a sense of humor and still fail to achieve that stomachache-inducing, can't-breathe laughter that we all crave. We've all been in the situation where we're mildly amused by someone, but we're primarily laughing to be polite. While hearty, sincere laughter isn't necessarily a requirement for a healthy romance, it does make for a relationship filled with fun. A romance that makes you truly cheerful and giddy is guaranteed to last longer, so hold on to a partner who can genuinely make you laugh.

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4. They Control Their Feelings

Equally as important as expressing their feelings, a partner who's able to control their feelings should definitely be appreciated. Anger, frustration, sadness—they're all natural sentiments, but a partner who uses their emotions as an excuse to lash out shouldn't be trusted. If they have no control over themselves at the beginning, their tendency to take things out on other people—including you—will only get worse. If you realize that your partner not only recognizes their emotions, but has a strong command over them, you can trust them to deal with difficult situations effectively, rather than taking out their feelings on other people.


5. They Take Responsibility

If you're going to be in a long-term, healthy relationship with someone, the ability to apologize to each other is so important. Ideally, you and your partner shouldn't be fighting excessively at the beginning of your relationship, but you can still notice moments where they take responsibility for their actions.

If they mess up, either with you or in another aspect of their life, and they immediately start pointing the finger at other people, they're assuredly going to have some problems apologizing down the line. If, however, they're able to understand when they make a mistake, take responsibility for it and move on, it's a good indication that they'll be able to do the same in your relationship down the line, building a much healthier romance based on respect and equality.


6. They Pay Attention to the Little Things

You always hear that it's the little things that truly make up a relationship. It might sound cliché and overused, but it's definitely the truth. Thankfully, it's also something that can become immediately apparent at the beginning of your romance. If you notice that your S.O. genuinely pays attention when you talk, remembers the little details you say and expresses a genuine interest in your life, hang on to them. Not only is it a sign that they genuinely care about you, it also shows that they'll be an attentive and involved partner, rather than one who has to be begged to participate in the simplest of tasks.


7. They're Actively Involved in Spending Time With You

It seems like such a little thing, but a partner who takes an active interest in spending time with you isn't always a given. By active interest, we mean that they're enthusiastic and committed to becoming a part of your life. They want to meet your family and friends, they want to learn about your hobbies and interests and they want to be involved in your activities and events. Way too often, the expectation seems to be that being in a relationship means doing things you don't care about for the sake of the other person, but that shouldn't be the case. A partner who's good for you will crave to be part of your world, so hold onto them when you find them.


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