8 Important Relationship Milestones (That Have Nothing to Do With Anniversaries)

When you're in a new relationship, the little moments can feel the most special.

So why wait until the next big anniversary to celebrate when amazing things are happening all the time? Keep reading for some of our favorite  relationship milestones (that don't involve anniversaries).

First Time Talking Until Dawn

It can be easy to completely lose track of time when you're spending it with someone you adore. Whether you're talking on the phone, texting, DMing or even hanging out with someone IRL, it's pretty special to look up at the sunrise and realize you two have gabbed the night away without realizing it.


The First Kiss

First kisses are different for everyone, but they're an undoubtedly memorable milestone for any couple. Chances are it doesn't go anything like you'd expect, and it's not as majestic as the movies always made it out to be—but that doesn't mean it's not a special moment marking that you see each other as way more than just friends.


(Aladdin via Buena Vista Pictures)


Creating Something Together

Learning to collaborate with your S.O. is super important, and the first time you attempt to work together can be pretty testing on the relationship. Maybe you're cooking something together, or just divvying up the parts of a DIY project. Regardless, working in tandem requires good communication as well as patience and understanding. Even if the project is a complete failure, you'll have learned a lot about each other by the end of it.


Being Called a Girlfriend

It may seem small, but getting to the stage where your S.O. refers to you as their girlfriend is a pretty big step. It makes things official and signifies the special place you and your special someone have carved out in each other's lives.


Getting Through an Illness Together

Whether it's you or your S.O. getting sick, a bug puts a temporary damper on the relationship. However, being unwell doesn't mean you can't still spend some quality time together. When one is sick, the other can bring them some of their favorite things and help them slowly be nurtured back to health. Nobody loves helping out their ailing partner, but it can be an important growing moment in a relationship.


(SpongeBob SquarePants via Nickelodeon)


The First Big Chunk of Time Spent Apart

Lovey-dovey new couples tend to spend all of their time together, so when a family vacation or some other life circumstance tears them apart for more than a week at a time, it can feel like a huge deal. Learning to manage time apart and keep in touch despite the distance can reenergize a relationship further, and make even more sparks fly when the couple is finally reunited.


Attending a Family Gathering Together

You know it's getting serious when your partner has a family event and you're invited. While it doesn't necessarily mean their family has completely initiated you as one of their own, it's pretty close. When every member of their fam knows your name, it's a pretty momentous occasion.


(Riverdale via The CW)


The End of the Honeymoon Phase

Few people present themselves completely honestly at the beginning of a relationship. You might put way more effort into looking better, acting nicer and more polite and appearing smarter. But no one can keep that up forever. That obsession you have with your S.O. turns into a respect and understanding, and as time goes on, you two start being more genuinely yourself around each other. When you stop holding anything back, the relationship really begins.



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