7 Things You'll Learn About Yourself in a Relationship

Relationships teach us a lot about ourselves.

We get a glimpse into what we excel at and what we can work on, based on the way we interact with other people over a lengthy period of time.

While all relationships teach us about ourselves, there are certain things you can only learn while engaged in a romantic relationship.

Continue reading for all the things you'll discover about yourself while in a relationship.

1. Your Love Language

The language of love isn't like the other romance languages. Some of us may think we know which embodiment of love means the most to us, but more likely than not this is something you'll only learn about yourself while being in a relationship. There are five different ways we interpret love, from physical touch (hugs, hand holding, etc.) to acts of service (consider this your "actions speak louder than words" language) to gift giving (maybe it's true what they say, Every kiss begins with Kay). But one thing is for sure: You're absolutely going to learn which love language you speak once you're in a relationship.

Toni comforting Cheryl

(Riverdale via the CW)


2. Your Strengths

Your S.O. should bring out the best in you. Ideally, that is. While your strengths are probably exemplified through other aspects of your life, such as your friendships and your extracurriculars, you're about to learn a whole lot about your strengths compared to those of the person you're dating. Whether you excel at empathizing with others or you're particularly independent, these attributes are never more apparent than when they're exposed within a relationship—especially if your strength is your partner's weakness. Which brings us to…


3. Your Weaknesses

If you suspect that you struggle with certain weaknesses already, your relationship is going to point a giant flashing arrow at them. But the positive side of learning your weaknesses is that you're one step closer to strengthening those muscles. Whether it comes to finding out that you're a tad more selfish, less motivated or way more clingy than you'd like to be, you can now work on those issues in all aspects of your life. Look at you, making lemonade!

Callie and AJ disagreement

(The Fosters via Freeform)


4. Your Priorities

How big a slice is your love life in your metaphorical pie of life? It sure is easy to claim "Fries Before Guys," but you'll only know the true hierarchy of your priorities once you've been in a relationship. Do your friends take first place? Your main squeeze? What about your academic achievements? Some people may drop everything for their S.O. but that doesn't mean it's the life you lead.


5. Your Communication Skills

How good are you at communicating your feelings, really? Only a relationship will tell. Are you the type of person who bottles everything up until a Mentos+Coke-size situation erupts? Or perhaps you're a PLL level secret-keeper. Some of us (water signs, obvi) are skilled in the art of communication and even come prepped with "I" statements. (Stop showing off, Pisces.) No matter what the level your communication skills, you can always work your way up to pro with a little effort.

Hanna and Caleb in a fight

(Pretty Little Liars via the CW)


6. Your Coping Mechanisms

We all handle hardship in different ways. Whether you cry it out in your bedroom, vent to your besties or attempt to shrug off emotion in the name of "strength," you'll learn your go-to response when your heart is most vulnerable (i.e. when you've given it to someone else). Because the person you love the most is also the person who can hurt you the worst, your coping mechanisms display themselves more dramatically while in a relationship.


7. Your Most Important Values

The characteristics and things in life you value most are about to glow a little brighter when you're engaged in a relationship. It's one thing to say something is important to you, but it's another to feel this value and pursue it through action. Nothing can put pressure on these values quite like a relationship. Because all relationships require sacrifice in at least a small degree, you'll find out which things you simply can't live without. While you'll learn about your values, you'll also discover a fair share of deal breakers.

Cheryl and Toni at Pop's

(Riverdale via the CW)


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