The Best Holiday Gifts for Your S.O., No Matter How Long You've Been Together

No matter how long you've been with someone, deciding what to get them for the holidays is never easy.

You may know everything about them, but when it comes to picking out the perfect present, you just can't come up with something to get them.

Have no fear, we're here to help. We rounded up 10 items that make the best holiday gifts for your S.O., no matter how long you've been together. Check 'em out below!

'You're My Significant Otter' Enamel Pin: $12

Everyone loves enamel pins, so this sweet little trinket is perfect for your S.O., no matter how long you've been together. They're sure to appreciate it and wear it with pride. And if they like puns, they'll love this pin even more.

You're My Significant Otter enamel pin

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'You're the Best Part of Me' Puzzle Piece Keychain: $13.95

A keychain is as useful a gift as any, but this one is a lot more special than all the rest. Your S.O. will surely know how much you care about them with this accessory always by their side.

You're the Best Part of Me puzzle piece keychain

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'You Are My Person' Morse Code Bracelet: $16.50

If they really are your person, they'll appreciate this simple, yet thoughtful bracelet. It goes with everything and will be a constant reminder of your love for one another.

You Are My Person Morse code bracelet

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'I Love You' Chocolates: $28.49

Not sure how to tell your S.O. how you really feel? Do it with chocolates. You can opt for these delicious morsels or go for something more personal; the choice is yours.

I love you chocolates

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Q & A a Day Journal: $12.29

Get to know your S.O. a little bit better by filling out this journal together over three years. We know that's a long time and might scare you a bit, so if it does, this probably isn't the gift for you. But if it excites you, definitely purchase it.

Q&A a Day Journal

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Love Tokens Coupon Book: $6.74

This coupon book is the gift that keeps on giving. It's filled to the brim with sweet things your S.O. can request you to do for them whenever they deem fit. There's even a golden ticket that's good for just about anything.

Love tokens coupon book

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Our Adventure Book: $19.99

Inspired by the Disney movie Up, you and your S.O. can create your very own adventure book like Carl and Ellie. Fill it with photos and keepsakes of all the fun things the two of you experience together.

Our Adventure Book inspired by the movie Up

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Cassette Tape USB Mixtape: $20.49

If you're all about personal gifts, make your S.O. their very own mixtape with songs that remind you of them and your relationship. Don't worry, they don't need a cassette player to use it, because it's a flash drive. Welcome to the future.

Cassette Tape USB mixtape

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Custom Illustration: $70.32

This is a little bit of a splurge, but go big or go home, right? Anyway, this Etsy artist will create a custom illustration of your relationship for you and your S.O. to cherish forever.

Custom relationship illustration

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Personalized Constellation Chart Blanket: $85.99

A sentimental gift most couples opt for is a constellation chart of an important date in their relationship. But what use can you get out of something that's just going to hang on your wall forever? Instead, turn that chart into a blanket you can use forever and ever.

Personalized constellation chart blanket

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For the rest of the people on your shopping list, THESE foolproof gifts work for just about anyone.