How to Let Go of Your Worries in 5 Simple Steps

Between school, friendships, relationships (or lack thereof) and everything going on with the world at large, it can be easy to find things to worry about.

A little worry can be healthy, but sometimes, it can weigh you down and prevent you from actually being productive. If you want to let go of your unproductive worries and turn the rest into action, here's how to do it in five easy steps.

Step 1: Worried About Something? Write It Down.

It may sound strange, but the simple act of writing down what you're worried about can make you feel a lot better. It's a therapeutic process, and sometimes, seeing the thoughts as words on paper can make them seem less scary or help you understand what's really important.


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Step 2: Label Your Worries

Once your worries are all out there, see if there are any that you can eliminate with a little bit of perspective. Once you've done that, group the remaining worries into two categories: 1. what you can change, and 2. what you can't.


Step 3: Let Go of What You Can't Change

It's not super productive to worry about things you have no say in. Try your hardest to accept that those things are out of your hands. Worrying about them won't improve anything—in fact, it can make them worse. However, meditation and mindfulness can be a big help, and we have some tips on how to get started here.

Steven Universe: Garnet and Stevonnie meditating under butterflies

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Step 4: Take Action

Once you stop worrying about the stuff you can't change, you'll be left with the things you can. Think about how you can improve the situation and make a to-do list, laying out all of the steps. With each completed step, your worry will lessen. In some cases, you can completely solve the problem that's troubling you just by getting off your butt and doing something.


Step 5: Set Aside a Time to Worry

You're not going to eliminate all of your worries within a day, and that's okay. Set a time every day to let yourself worry, maybe just 10 to 20 minutes. If something is bugging you, write it down and don't allow yourself to worry about it until your "worry time." It's healthy to vent a little, but setting limits (or boundaries) will keep your worries from taking over your life, which can prevent you from being happy the rest of the time.

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