Release You Music Video By Megan and Liz Premieres!

Megan and Liz' latest release is the official Release You music video, and we absolutely love it!Release You Music Video

The video features amazing behind-the-scenes video of Megan and Liz getting prepared for a show, on the tour bus, onstage during a concert and more!

"We're going to ask you to put all your phones down, put your cameras down, put all that technology away," Liz says in the video. "Because life is a whole lot better when you're not looking through a 3-inch screen."

"Life is about moments, guys," Megan adds. "Let's make one right now!"

It's so amazing to watch real footage of Megan and Liz' rise to stardom! What do you think of the music video?

Can't get enough of "Release You"? Check out the acoustic version they performed just for us at Sweety High studios here!