How do Cardi B and Lizzo Get Flawless Brows? Get to Know Their Brow Expert, Rene de la Garza

Have you ever looked at Cardi B, Lizzo or Noah Cyrus and wondered how they get their eyebrows looking so effortlessly flawless? You have brow master Rene de la Garza to thank.

The brow guru is the founder of Brow Down Studio and knows a thing or two about working with every client to ensure they wind up with a pair of eyebrows that perfectly frames and complements their face. He's well known for giving people perfect brows in his studio, but now, he's also branching out and allowing customers to give themselves enviable brows with his Brow Naturale to-go lamination kit.

We were curious about Brow Naturale, and how exactly one becomes an eyebrow expert to the stars, and we got to ask Rene all about both.

Sweety High: How have you established yourself as a brow and skin master to the stars? How did you get your start in the industry, and what do you think it is about your approach that's earned your reputation?

Rene de la Garza: Originally when I became licensed as an esthetician, I did everything from spray tanning, lashes, facials, waxing and of course brows! I didn't see real success in my career until I niched down and limited my service offerings to just brows, and really focused on becoming a master of brows. I started in the industry originally as a makeup artist. The makeup was never great but the brows were always amazing. From early on in my career, I knew the power of a great brow and how it could completely change your face! I believe that I've earned my reputation as a brow master, by designing each brow differently based on my clients' unique features.


SH: What exactly are full brushed up brows? Why are they such a big trend right now, and how can we achieve them?

RG: The brushed up "laminated brow" is the hottest current trend in which brow hair is fluffed up and styled upward to create height and lift. We started to see the trend emerge pre-pandemic with brow artists starting to perform the brow lamination service on their clients. TikTok makeup artists soon started using hair gel to heavy hold their brows upward to mimic the look. I think the trend really took off during the pandemic when nobody was getting their brows done—more and more people were getting used to seeing their brows undone and a bit "messier." The brushed up brow can be achieved by getting your brow professionally "laminated" or by using my Brow Naturale.


SH: What inspired you to create Brow Naturale? What's in the product, how does it work, and what kinds of results can we expect from it?

RG: Being one of the first brow artists in L.A. to do brow lamination in my studio, my clients became obsessed. It was instantly a hit and I immediately became booked with all brow laminations all day! A few months later, the pandemic hit and a stay-at-home order was issued. I quickly worked with my team and started creating Brow Naturale, which is a contouring and conditioning wax that gives the look of brow lamination at home without actually doing the service.


SH: Why would you say a great brow is so essential to the perfect look?

RG: They say that eyes are the window to the soul, and to me brows are the curtains to those windows. A good brow will make you look more awake, more lifted and are the ultimate accessory to your everyday life!


SH: How can one figure out which brow shape works best for them?

RG: I think that brows are something you should not try to do on your own at home. Brows are all about proportion, which is why removing even one wrong hair can completely change your face. Seeing a professional brow artist who will map and groom your brows is the best investment you will ever make.


SH: Who are some of the celebrities you've worked with in the past? Is there any one star you love seeing most?

RG: Cardi B, Lizzo, Noah Cyrus and Haim to name a few!


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