Renegade EP Sampler Video Teases 4 New Tracks!

Cimorelli released a Renegade EP sampler video earlier this week, teasing their four upcoming music videos, plus a snippet of each of the four songs off the coming EP!cimorelli renegade ep sampler

First, it reveals part of the music video for "That Girl Should Be Me," which is coming first. The video features some amazing imagery, with ballroom dancing, explosions, romance, a blazing fire and much more!cimorelli renegade ep sampler that girl should be me

The music video for "I Got You" looks like it'll be full of fun-filled, behind-the-scenes footage!cimorelli renegade ep sampler i got you

The sisters also get metaphorical with the video for "You're Worth It", smashing mirrors and holding up signs and images baring their souls before letting it all go with a bunch of balloons. The song is about confidence and empowerment and we can't wait to hear the whole thing!cimorelli renegade ep sampler you're worth it

Last but not least is "Renegade"! The video features some cool editing tricks and marionette strings against a glowing white background!cimorelli renegade ep sampler

Which music video are you most excited to see? Let us know in the poll below and join our Cimorelli fan club at Sweety High!

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P.S. The music video for "That Girl Should Be Me" is out now! Watch below and stay tuned for our thoughts on the video!