Cimorelli's New Renegade Lyric Video and Boredom Busters!

Cimorelli have been super busy this week, releasing not only an incredible new lyric video for "Renegade" but also some great directions for for busting boredom! renegade lyric video

In the new lyric video for "Renegade," the lyrics come to life onscreen, bookended by developed snapshots and strips of film featuring the sisters in energetic poses from their Renegade EP photoshoots and more, hanging from a line with clothespins.

The lyrics run across the page like cut bits of paper, revealing a story about not conforming to what people think you should be, and staying strong by sticking with the people who'll support you no matter what!

The next day, Cimorelli shared a great video about 5 things to do when you're stuck at home!

Southern Californian fans will be aware that this week's weather has been totally crazy! With fierce winds and rain rattling their front door, Lauren and Dani decided to share a bunch of great ideas to pass the time and squash boredom when you can't go out because of winter weather!

1. Draw a beautiful portrait!lauren cimorelli drawing dani portrait

2. Build an epic indoor fort!dani cimorelli fort building

3. Play a game of Twister!dani and lauren cimorelli twister hasbro

4. Pick a new skill and master it!dani cimorelli mastering yodeling

5. Practice for a one-man (or woman!) play and perform it for your family!lauren cimorelli one woman play

Tell us which moment from either of these videos was your favorite in the comments below, and join our CimFam community at Sweety High!