Cimorelli Breaks Free In Their New Renegade Music Video!

Cimorelli's new music video for "Renegade" is the latest in a series of powerful videos bringing the band's Renegade EP to the screen!cimorelli rengade music video

Like the music videos for "I Got You" and "You're Worth It," the "Renegade" video begins with a heartfelt voiceover that sets the tone for the rest of the video.

"All the criticism started to get to me," Christina says, as an industry exec points at a whiteboard with a checklist of what they want Cimorelli to look and sound like. "Their opinions. Their ideas. Their words. Their vision."

People want Cimorelli to dress in glamorous, color-coordinated outfits and to be genetic and unemotional.

But despite pressure and criticism, the 6 Cimorelli sisters realized that their careers are in their own hands, and decided to do things their own way and always be true to themselves! 

The video reflects this sentiment, beginning with Cimorelli dressed in black and tied like marionettes, being puppeteered by an unseen force. By the end of the video, they manage to break free of their strings to escape and act finally be who they really are!

In the lyrics, the young women describe how being themselves has made them feel like renegades in industry where they're constantly being told who and what to be.

The song features glorious harmonization and epic rap breakdowns that prove Cimorelli is even better when they go by the beat of their own drum. They refuse to all be the same, and when they come together as a group, that's what makes them amazing!

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