Replay Lyric Video By Zendaya Hits Vevo!

Zendaya's latest single "Replay" only released this week, but now there's an awesome Replay lyric video out that keeps us guessing on what the official music video might look like!

Replay lyric video

The lyric video for "Replay" features old-school cassette tapes and boom boxes that we haven't seen much of since the 90s. We love how everything in the video feels like it was made by hand.

There's also a very personal quality to the video. You could use cassette tapes to record songs off of the radio and make mix tapes for special people in your life, and this lyric video reflects that quality. It feels like it was made just for us!

Ironically, there was no "replay" button on old cassette players. If you wanted to hear the song again, you'd have to rewind the tape back to the beginning of the song!

Click here to check it out!