Research Institute LEGO Set Celebrates Girl Power!

The results of the Winter 2014 LEGO Review are in, and later this year the Research Institute LEGO set, featuring three awesome women scientists, will be hitting stores!research institute lego girl power

All year long, fans can submit their LEGO concepts to LEGO Ideas, and the team checks out every idea that gets more than 10,000 supporters! These ideas are then tested for stability, playability and more before being mass produced as real sets!

The Winter 2014 LEGO Review produced some extraordinary sets, but in the end, a Female Minifigure set that was still under consideration from the Fall 2014 LEGO Review beat out sets of Sherlock, The Legend of Zelda, Adventure Time, Back To the Future and more!

The set, by Ellen Kooijman, is called Research Institute and features three awesome women scientists! It comes complete with a female paleontologist, astronomer and chemist, plus all of their scientific equipment!

It's so fantastic to see women in science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM, being represented in the LEGO world! The set will likely be released in stores in August 2014!

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