What You Need to Know About Country Trio Restless Road

We've loved Restless Road ever since Simon Cowell first assembled the trio's original lineup on The X Factor in 2013, and it's incredible to see how far the band has come.

Zach Beeken and Colton Pack met on the show, later joined by Garrett Nichols to create the group's current lineup—and we don't think they've ever been better. Their latest single, "Take Me Home" featuring Kane Brown, will sound slightly familiar to country fans and captivate new fans, too. We had to catch up with the guys to find out what they're all about and what keeps them inspired.

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Name: Zachary Ryan Beeken

Hometown: Wichita, Kansas

Birthday: July 12

Zodiac sign: Cancer

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Name: Colton Lane Pack

Hometown: Danese, West Virginia

Birthday: Dec. 3

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

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Name: Garrett Scott Nichols

Hometown: Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Birthday: Oct. 16

Zodiac sign: Libra

Fun Facts:

1. Zach believes inspiration can be found absolutely anywhere.

"Sometimes you just have to remind yourself to actually look. I think of my creative brain as a "faucet" in a fixer-upper house that I have to turn on and leave running until the water runs clear. I often find inspiration from my favorite music and TV shows—even reality tv shows like The Bachelor. I also draw inspiration from my family, friends, and relationships I've had."

-Zach Beeken

2. Colton's favorite type of weather depends on where he is.

"If I'm back home in West Virginia, then the fall is my weather—not too hot or not too cold. My favorite type of weather is definitely warm weather. I'm a sucker for the beach. I like it hot with a nice steady breeze blowing."

-Colton Pack

3. Garrett relates to Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid more than any other Disney prince.

"He lives by the sea, and I love being by the ocean and enjoy doing water sports."

-Garrett Nichols

4. Zach's a simple guy when it comes to ordering coffee at Starbucks. He'll usually get a plain black coffee or cold brew, depending on the weather—but if he's feeling a little fancy he'll go for an iced caramel macchiato.

5. If Colton could travel anywhere in the world for a week, he'd pick somewhere tropical like Bora Bora because he adores the ocean.

"It's one of my favorite places to be. My grandpa lived on the coast, so I spent a lot of my childhood at the beach. It's definitely my happy place."

-Colton Pack

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6. Garrett believes his zodiac sign describes him pretty well.

"I'm very outgoing and I love being social. Libras are very good at a peacekeeping role, and I can relate to that because I love when everyone around me is happy."

-Garrett Nichols

7.  Zach's favorite fan encounter was meeting an 8-year-old boy whose favorite song was "Take Me Home."

"He serenaded us at a meet and greet and it was the cutest thing ever."

-Zach Beeken

8. After a tough day, Colton unwinds by watching TV or a movie, or spending time with his wife and kids.

9. Garrett's favorite current style trend is Adidas Yeezys.

"I think they have a very nice aesthetic and it's fun keeping up with when the next pair is going to drop."

-Garrett Nichols

10. Zach strongly believes in serving others and something bigger than himself.

"I feel like chasing my dreams and achieving everything I ever want isn't as important as being grateful for what I've been given and sharing it with people I love."

-Zach Beeken

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11. If Zach could pick anyone to play him in a movie about his life, he'd choose Penn Badgley.

"For one, he's an amazing actor, but when we were out on the road I had several people tell me that I kind of looked like him."

-Colton Pack

12. Dogs are Garrett's favorite animal.

"I've always been around dogs growing up and they're just the most loyal and loving animals. I hope to own a black lab one day!"

-Garrett Nichols

13. The guys of Restless Road are really big on never giving up on their goals and dreams. Their motto is "Keep your eyes on the road," which they say means that even though life is full of ups and downs, you should always keep your sights set on your goals


Check out the music video for "Take Me Home" below!


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