Even in the ’90s, high-fashion designers had nothing on Lisa Frank.

Such killer designs will always be relevant and we’re so stoked to say that most of the products we loved then are still available now. Scroll through for everything from school supplies to bedroom essentials.

Lisa Frank Calendar: $4.79

We know hand-written calendars are a thing of the past, but who wouldn’t want to hang something so adorable on their wall?

Lisa Frank calendar

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Lisa Frank Mini Backpack: $38.40

If you didn’t own a clear Lisa Frank backpack in the ’90s, you were so not on trend. It might be small for school, but if you’re determined, we have no doubt you can make it work.

Lisa Frank clear backpack

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Lisa Frank Candle Craze: $18.00

DIY Lisa Frank candles were and are still a majorly cool thing. Colored wax can be used to create your own colorful sets and shapes. Items on that level of awesome will never get old.

Lisa Frank candle craze

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Lisa Frank Throw Blanket: $23.50

Lisa Frank made throw blankets, you ask? Even better, she still does. Snag one of these cozy blankets to snuggle into for the winter and to add a pop of color to your sheets.

Lisa Frank throw blanket

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Lisa Frank Stationary Box: $17.09

Unfortunately, Lisa Frank stationary boxes aren’t readily available anymore, but they can still be found in the dark corners of the internet. If you want to be a true Lisa Frank fanatic, it’s absolutely vital to your collection.

Lisa Frank stationary box

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Lisa Frank Spiral Notebooks: $18.99

We already gave you a few essential mermaid school supplies for this year, but these Lisa Frank spiral notebooks are also making a major comeback.

Lisa Frank spiral notebooks

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Lisa Frank Light-Up Diary: $20.99

Diaries with a lock and key were a serious ’90s staple. This diary happens to feature that and it lights up. We know it doesn’t take any more convincing than that.

Lisa Frank light up diary

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Lisa Frank items always feature the coolest creatures, but every true animal-lover needs THESE school supplies in their backpack.