I'm Never Buying $200 Jeans Again, Thanks to Revice Denim

Ever since the start of COVID, I'll be honest—I've pretty much lived in my sweatpants.

About twice a week I'll throw on a real outfit, but most of my clothes have been abandoned in the back of my closet. Specifically, a lot of my expensive jeans haven't seen the light of day for a year. So, why did I think it was necessary to buy jeans over $200, when I have barely even worn them?

These days, I'm all about comfort and saving money, so when Revice Denim reached out to me about trying some of their pieces, my interest was instantly piqued. Keep reading to hear my honest thoughts about the brand and the jeans they sent over:

The Brand

Revice Denim makes jeans with the vintage-lover in mind. They noticed there was a large market out there of women who loved quality in jeans and didn't care about fast fashion. That's what makes them so different— they revise old styles, making them new and current.

Most of their jeans are under $100 and made with premium fabric and care. Revice prides themselves on their marketing tactics—which is not paying people to wear their products, but simply showcasing those who do, simply because they love them.

Additionally, they don't create large batches of their products, making them that much more covetable. If you know a pair of jeans is limited, it makes you want them even more, right?


The Jeans

Sunset Bells: $98

One of my pet peeves when it comes to jeans is when my butt looks like a squashed pancake. Like why would I want a flat booty? The Sunset Bells, however, did exactly what I wanted. They gave my bum a perfect roundness and accentuated all my assets. If I'm being honest, I don't think my butt has ever looked this good in a simple pair of jeans.

revice denim sunset bells

(via Revice Denim)

The way the light and dark denim are sewed next to each other highlights my curves and slims my legs. I seriously can't get over how good my butt looks!


Yin Yang/Into the Groove: $98

In a normal pair of jeans, I typically go back and forth between being a 27 or 28. After looking at reviews online, everyone said to size up for the Yin Yang style, so I opted for a size 28. Even that was a bit snug on me, but after wearing them around the house for a few hours, I was able to get them to form to my body just the way I like.

revice denim yin yang jeans

(via Revice Denim)

Without a doubt, the raddest part of these jeans is the all-around zipper. It starts at the very back and goes all the way forward. It's something I've never seen done by another brand, and I knew these would soon become a favorite of mine.

Each time I've worn these, I've gotten compliments from both guys and girls, saying how cool they are and asking me where they're from. These are a definite crowd-pleaser.


Bottom Line

If you like unique pieces that will set you apart from the crowd, Revice is for you. Their denim is unlike anything I've ever tried on and I am completely obsessed. I don't see myself buying from another brand anytime soon.

Plus, they always seem to have some sort of great sale going on, so definitely be sure to sign up for their email or text alerts.


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