I Tried the Very First K-Beauty Hair Curation Kit—and It Is a Game Changer

When it comes to taking care of my hair, I'm not the absolute worst, but I'm far from the best.

I have semi-color-treated hair, but it's nothing crazy that requires regular upkeep, and I do not abuse my shampoo privileges (in fact, on the contrary, I probably don't wash my hair enough… but I'll get to that later). My biggest fault when it comes to hair care is applying heat. I have naturally thick, course, wavy hair, which I've grown to appreciate as a blessing—but only with the proper hair products and tools. I'm a total sucker for the latest flat iron or curling tool on the market, and, unfortunately, it shows. My ends are pretty darn damaged (see photo below), but I've come to accept that's just how they're going to look unless I get a blowout.

I've remained content with my hair's state of being, but when I received a press release for the launch of Umma's seven-piece A Good Day of Seoul K-beauty hair curation box (the first of its kind!), I figured it couldn't hurt to test it out. I reached out to the brand's rep, who graciously shipped me a box for review.


The Products

It should come as no surprise that, in typical K-beauty form, the packaging is what first caught my eye. The products came in a huge, fancy box, which was boxed inside another box, with green flaps that read: "Good Hair Days Are the New Good Skin Days".

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@umma.official is a six-part #hair #detox + #repair kit and I am loving every part of it (starting with the packaging!) ????????????‍♀️

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Once I opened the main box, I was pleased to find six full-size hair products for various uses (I'll get to those a little further down), along with a unique, squiggly pink brush. Not gonna lie, at first glance (and basically up until my shower was complete), I was totally overwhelmed by all the steps and instructions. Each product had a specific order for application, and some required an amount of time to be left on before rinsing.

I must say, however, that the instructions are provided on the box, and there's an incredibly detailed pamphlet that comes with the set. The comprehensive pamphlet goes into detail about the brand of each product, its key features, how to use it, cautions and ingredients. So, essentially, any questions I had about any item could be found there. I was really impressed with how concise everything was presented. Even so, I was still overwhelmed. I laid everything out on my bathroom counter, in order of when they should be applied, and began my shower.

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The Experience

BEIGIC Scalp Revival Purifying Scrub

The first product I applied once my hair was drenched in the shower was a healthy helping of the scalp exfoliator, which detoxifies, removing dead skin, sebum build-ups and impurities. I massaged thoroughly into my scalp and through the ends for about 45 seconds and gave my hair a good rinse. Made with sea salt, there was a light sting when I applied the product to my scalp, and once rinsed, my hair felt incredibly dry. I wasn't concerned, because this was only step one. But you definitely can't get lazy and quit here, or your hair will be in shambles.

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AMH Shampoo

AMH stands for "Add More Hair," and just one pump of the product felt incredibly rich in consistency. I applied a pump's worth throughout all of my hair, focusing heavily on the scalp, giving it a one-minute massage and leaving it on for another two minutes. As I mentioned, a little bit goes a long way with this particular item, so no need to go overboard with the pumps. I have really thick, medium-length hair, and half a pump was more than enough to cover every last lock. When I rinsed, my hair felt clean, but not especially conditioned. That's where the next step comes into play.


BEIGIC Damage Repair Treatment Mask

This is the product that had me feeling a noticeable difference in my hair texture. The manual suggests leaving a liberal amount of the intensive formula on your hair for 10-20 minutes, and only applying from the middle to the ends. I was getting antsy, so I only left mine on for 10, but it was totally fine, as once rinsed, my hair felt completely quenched and ready for the next step!

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Say goodbye to dry, frizzy, damaged hair and hello to your new favorite hair mask! Our beloved #BEIGIC Damage Repair Treatment Mask is simply packed with natural and nourishing ingredients to keep your scalp healthy and hair shiny✨???? . ????Green coffee bean oil is rich in antioxidants and amino acids. While directly delivering nutrients to the scalp and hair, it also protects the hair from UV rays and boosts the scalp's metabolism. ????Geranium flower oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that help circulation and sebum control. ????Vitamin E boosts cell regeneration and delivers powerful antioxidants to the scalp – ultimately nourishing and rejuvenating your hair. ????Argan oil and D-panthenol provide intense hydration and strengthen hair follicles. Treat yourself to this amazing blend of ingredients and experience an #ummazinghairday ???? . ????@beigic_

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Moremo Hair Essence Delightful Oil

This is the part where I breathed a sigh of relief. Unlike what I initially thought first glance, half of the steps in the system are actually post shower, starting off with this product, which consists of eight different vegetable oils, and seals hair cuticles with hydration and smoothness. I applied a quarter size to my ends and went on to step five.


Moremo Revitalizing Hair Tonic A

This product is super simple. It's a tonic made up of seven kinds of plant root extracts, and it's applied to the scalp only. I spritzed all the way around until I felt like I'd covered most ground, and then gently massaged with my fingertips in small, rotating motions. I felt a tiny sting (not in an alarming way), which I took as a good sign because it meant the sea salt's exfoliating did its job.


AMOS PROFESSIONAL Repair Shine Enrich Night Cream

By this point, I felt a considerable difference in my hair texture and moisture. It felt great! Lastly, it was on to the overnight hair mask, and if my hair felt this clean and nourished as is, I could only imagine what the mask would bring. Would my hair end up overhydrated and greasy? Or would it be just right? I brushed my hair through and applied a quarter size everywhere but the scalp.

When I woke up, my hair was still pretty damp, but it felt clean and seriously good as new. The last time my hair felt this good was fresh from the salon. I lightly blow dried and then proceeded to my usual flat iron routine. Aside from the ease in straightening, I also noticed a fresh vibrancy to my recently colored locks. It was pretty wild, actually! My highlights are burgundy and they come out easily with a few washes. If anything, it looked like I just went to the salon and got a gloss treatment. If you need proof, look no further than below:

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Bottom Line

All I can say is wow! From the packaging to the meticulous instructions, ease of use and quantity provided, I can't speak enough of this collection's praises. Would you believe I'm going on day seven since washing my hair? It may sound gross, but with a bit of dry shampoo, I've been able to go a long time. A coworker even told me that my hair looked incredible. I told him I owe it all to this. Obviously, everyone's hair is different, so your experience won't necessarily mirror mine, but, either way, the set was created to appeal to a variety of hair types.

Another selling point is the price. The entire 7-piece set is $99.99 if purchased at Costco, and only $69.99 if purchased on Costco's website. It's valued at $250, so purchasing collectively will save you major cash.

While I usually dread washing my hair, dare I say I'm actually excited about it now? If you're still confused or feel overwhelmed by the products and steps, Umma put together a video guide.


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