This $7 Brow Gel Is So Good, I've Stopped Using ALL My Other Brow Products

Brow makeup and maintenance is so personal.

Some are blessed with bushy full brows that need to be waxed or tweezed to keep their shape, while others (like me) are hanging on to every last brow hair and trying to fluff up the appearance of barely-there brows.

A few years ago when bushy, full brows started becoming popular again, I would spend a majority of my makeup routine filling in my eyebrows with a mix of pencil and brow pomade to create a perfect almost natural-looking full brow, however that sort of intense brow routine became impractical for my everyday life. I spend less than 10 minutes doing my everyday makeup and even though brows are super important (IMHO), I wasn't willing to sacrifice extra sleep, or skimp on my skincare routine to get a picture-worthy brow.

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That is, until I discovered Glossier's Boy Brow. I fell head over heels for this formula and began using it everyday. The problem? I go through it so quickly—and the price tag, albeit not terrible, can add up if you're going through a $16 tube for a mere .11 oz of product a month. Let's also not forget that the product is rather small and easy to misplace. Since brow products seem to be the ones I go through the fastest, I was determined to find a drugstore-priced brow gel that didn't break the bank, performed well, and was easy to re-purchase if I happened to lose or forget it. I started combing the drugstore for brow gels that fluffed, filled and thickened, and I went through many a product.

Almay Brow Styler

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A makeup artist friend of mine suggested that I try the Almay Brow Styler Brow Mascara, so I decided to give it a whirl. I purchased two shades (Medium Brown and Dark Brown), and fell in love with my first swipe. For less dramatic days, I used the Medium Brown, and on the days I want my brows to really stand out and look more severe, I use the Dark Brown. You get a lot of product, which I love. I purchased both colors over three months ago and still have not run out, nor is the formula getting dry or tacky.

The pigment is rich, goes on effortlessly, and is easy to manipulate with the small slim brush. The formula also contains marula oil, which conditions your brow hairs as you wear it, which is fab for people like me who are concerned about brow hair health too.

Although I do love the small size of the Boy Brow bristle, I have found that the slim, long shape of Almay's Brow Styler allows for just as much control, and even helps me create a really precise shape. Overall, I'm so happy with the Almay Brow Styler that I've given up all of my other brow products for good and would highly recommend if you're looking for an all-in-one brow product to fluff, fill and shape.


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