The Permanent Jewelry Brand You Need to Know About

Have you ever heard of permanent jewelry?

If you haven't, it's basically jewelry that doesn't have a fastener or clip, and is welded on while you're wearing it. Sounds pretty neat, right? I thought it sounded pretty amazing, and I've always been curious about trying it out for myself. So, when a rep for RG by the Sea reached out and asked if I'd like to come in and get my very own permanent bracelet, I couldn't say yes fast enough. Keep scrolling to find out all about RG by the Sea and my experience with getting a permanent bracelet.

The Brand

RG by the Sea is a jewelry store with locations in San Clemente and Los Angeles, California that will soon also have a location in La Jolla, and they offer on-site "zaps," or permanent jewelry. With their very own jewelry options, from earrings to rings, bracelets, necklaces and more, RG by the Sea and its online store are full of tons of beautiful pieces for all types of customers.

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The Experience

I live about 30 minutes away from the San Clemente location, so after queuing up the latest episode of Crime Junkie, I was on my way to get my first-ever permanent bracelet. After walking into the store, I was greeted by a lovely sales associate and I perused all of the jewelry. The store gave off a coastal boho vibe and was totally picture-worthy.

Once I got some videos for TikTok, I went over to the counter and looked at the four different permanent bracelet options. Typically, to secure an appointment, you book one online and pay a $25 fee (which is applied to the purchase at the end), but since I got to do this for work, I got to skip that step. The bracelet options included four 14K gold bracelets, and they were all simply stunning. I went with the 14K Gold Small Rectangle Bracelet ($150) since I thought it looked best with the tennis bracelet I wear every day.

(via RG by the Sea)

From there, it was time to get zapped! As I mentioned, I've never had permanent jewelry before, so this was quite the experience. The sales associate wrapped the bracelet around my wrist and cut off the excess material. After deciding on a fit that was just right, we moved on to the fun part.


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She took my wrist, put a protective layer beneath it and over my skin, and got to zapping! Since the light was bright, I looked away, but I could hear the zapping sounds. Once it was welded, she took a tiny brush and cleaned off the area to make it look nice and shiny. It took a few short minutes to get through the entire process, and I immediately knew I'd want to come back for more and create a permanent bracelet stack.

I've had the bracelet for a week at this point and am still in love with how it turned out. It doesn't ever pinch my skin or get in the way—in fact—most of the time, I hardly notice it's even there!


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Bottom Line

All in all, I'm so happy with my experience at RG by the Sea. I had an inkling that I'd love it, and I was absolutely right. If you're considering getting permanent jewelry, I highly suggest going into RG by the Sea if you're located in Southern California. It's fun to do on your own, with your S.O. or even your bestie. I definitely plan on going back!


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