Rice Krispies Treats Have Gotten a Major Upgrade Thanks to This Popular Instagram Baker

The Rice Krispies Treats you know and love have gotten a major upgrade with a little help from the talented and creative Jessica Siskin (aka @mister_krisp)!

Her delicious creations are unlike anything we've ever seen on Instagram. Let's just say they aren't your mom's Rice Krispies Treats.

Jessica Siskin holding her pizza-shaped Rice Krispies Treats creation

(Courtesy of Jessica Siskin)

Naturally, we had to learn more about how this food genius comes up with her intricate treat designs and learn about some of her favorite works of art, too!

Keep scrolling to get to know Jessica a bit better and marvel over her magnificent pieces below.

Sweety High: How did you get into baking Rice Krispies Treats? When did you know you wanted to pursue this as a career?

Jessica Siskin: I had been working in fashion for seven years and didn't know how to cook anything besides Rice Krispies Treats. When friends came over I'd make the classic recipe and mold them into simple shapes, like a heart. When my best friend and I were invited to a potluck birthday dinner, we didn't know what to make. She suggested we make a Rice Krispies Treat surfboard because the birthday girl was a surfer. We decided to add food coloring to the classic recipe, and the minute I saw how it colored the treats, I felt an overwhelming impulse to use it to make a Rice Krispies Treat cheeseburger. I came home the next night and made it, and couldn't believe how cute it was. I posted a photo of it on Instagram and broke 100 likes for the first time, and brought it into work, where everyone freaked out!

Hamburger made of Rice Krispies Treats

(Courtesy of Jessica Siskin)

After about a year of casually experimenting with Rice Krispies treats in fun shapes, I decided to start a separate Instagram account to showcase my treats, called @mister_krisp. On the first day the account went live, I received my first order, and I've received orders pretty much every day ever since.


SH: Where does the name Misterkrisp come from? What does it mean to you?

JS: Misterkrisp is named for Mr. Crisp, the villain in one of my favorite '90s movies, Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit. It's a movie I've always loved watching with my mom and sister, so the name feels special to me. I'm a pretty vocal feminist, so I often get asked, "Why mister, not miss?" I think that question is missing the point!

Mac laptop made of Rice Krispies Treats

(Courtesy of Jessica Siskin)


SH: Where do you draw your creation inspiration from?

JS: I draw inspiration from pop culture, and lately, politics. A lot of the best ideas, though, have been from customers for custom orders!

Emoji faces made of Rice Krispies Treats

(Courtesy of Jessica Siskin)


SH: Do you have a favorite creation?

JS: My most memorable project was definitely when I worked with Kellogg's Rice Krispies to make an entire holiday window out of Rice Krispies Treats. In that window, my favorite was definitely the life-sized golden retriever, modeled after my family dog Posey.

Dog made of Rice Krispies Treats

(Courtesy of Jessica Siskin)


SH: Which of your creations was the most difficult for you to create?

JS: Aside from the wild treats that went in the holiday window, magazine covers and portraits are definitely the most difficult to create.

Celine magazine cover made of Rice Krispies Treats

(Courtesy of Jessica Siskin)


SH: Do you remember which one really took off and started getting you noticed? Have any celebrities noticed your work?

JS: In November 2014, I made a treat modeled after Kim Kardashian's Paper Magazine cover. Though I'd been noticed before, this one got a lot of attention. Kim Kardashian herself mentioned Misterkrisp on her livestream, and Chrissy Teigen posted a treat I made of her Sports Illustrated cover. Lena Dunham also shared a photo of a treat I made for Jack Antonoff.

Taylor Swift's 1989 album art made out of Rice Krispies Treats

(Courtesy of Jessica Siskin)


SH: How long does it usually take you to make your creations? Do you only use Rice Krispies Treats, or what other ingredients go into making them?

JS: On average, it takes me between 30 minutes to 2 hours to make a krisp. I use icing and candies to decorate them.

Emojis made of rice krispies treats

(Courtesy of Jessica Siskin)


SH: Can you tell us about any creations you have in the works right now?

JS: Right now, the project I'm most excited about is my upcoming cookbook, Treat Yourself!, which will be released this summer. It contains the instructions to make 93 different fun and creative treats!

pink leather jacket made of rice krispies treats

(Courtesy of Jessica Siskin)


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