The 8 Dumbest Grey's Anatomy Storylines to Ever Exist

I have a deep, unbending loyalty to Grey's Anatomy

It's a good show—point blank, period. If it weren't a good show, there's no way it would've survived 15 years on the air.

However, as much as I love the world of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, I can still take a realistic approach to the series. And while there have definitely been some heart-wrenching moments, fifteen years of television has also resulted in a few ridiculous plots. I can forgive it and continue to watch the show, but I also have to acknowledge it.

Keep scrolling for the eight dumbest Grey's Anatomy storylines to ever exist.

George and Izzie

Let's just get this over with right away—George and Izzie never needed to happen. They had such a friendly, brother-sister vibe, so forcing them into a relationship was just plain awkward for everyone involved. Basically, it served as a way to cause drama in George's marriage, which could have happened in about a million other ways. Putting two characters who had absolutely no chemistry together in a romantic relationship was weird for everyone, and something the series definitely could have done without.

Grey's Anatomy: Izzie and George laughing together

(Grey's Anatomy via ABC)


Meredith's Drowning

I get it—Meredith's all about her dark and twisty vibe. But giving up on life and attempting to drown herself (in a way) felt like an odd decision. She had fought to stay on top of things for so long, so her sudden decision to give up was unexpected and totally out of character. Also, you don't kill off the main character of the show, especially not in the middle of Season Three. On a selfish note, I didn't need three episodes dedicated to saving her when we already knew she was going to live, making this entire plot a little tired and tedious.

Greys' Anatomy: Meredith drowing scene

(Grey's Anatomy via ABC)



Ugh, yet another terrible thing to come out of the ferry crash. The Ava drama started off on a sweet note, as it brought some humanity to Alex's character while he was still deep in the phase of being a jerk. However, after the first few episodes involving Ava, the storyline just became tedious. As she regained her memory, it was obvious that she was a self-absorbed person with some serious underlying problems. Her connection with Alex was overplayed, especially after we found out about her husband. Saying goodbye to her the first time was more than enough, so bringing her back into the series just to mess with Alex's head was irritating. I'll happily skip any scene with Ava in it, as I find all of those scenes annoying and irrelevant.

Grey's Anatomy: Rebecca Pope/Ava

(Grey's Anatomy via ABC)


Denny's Ghostly Return

Ugh—why, Shonda, why? Denny was such a beloved character on the show, which is probably why they kept searching for ways to bring him back for guest appearances. However, Izzie's hallucinations of Denny were by far the worst re-imagination of this adored character. Not only did it create a dark cloud over Izzie's relationship with Alex, it also added an odd supernatural element to the show that was a complete departure from the rest of the series. They explained it away by telling everyone that Izzie had a brain tumor that was causing her hallucinations, but there were quite a few episodes where she carried on a supernatural relationship with Denny before that happened. It was weird, uncomfortable and 150% unnecessary.

Grey's Anatomy: Izzie standing near Denny's ghost

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Mark's Daughter, Sloan

I actually happen to think that Mark having a daughter could've been a really interesting and powerful storyline. I also happen to think that the show did it completely wrong. The real problem was Sloan's entitled and self-absorbed personality. She kept popping in and out of Mark's life, using him when it was convenient and disappearing when it wasn't. If that was going to be the case, they should've just let Mark stay with Lexie and live out his happily ever after, instead of adding in a character that only served as a distraction for a few episodes and ultimately added nothing to the series.

Grey's Anatomy: Sloan Riley

(Grey's Anatomy via ABC)


Arizona Cheating

Arizona's cheating obviously carried a lot of weight through her entire Grey's Anatomy storyline. I totally understand adding a cheating scandal for some interesting drama, but the way it happened seemed entirely out of character. Arizona had been in love with Callie for a long time, and they finally seemed to be back on track in their relationship after a serious rough patch. Still, she barely knew Lauren at all and decided that their connection was worth sacrificing her entire relationship? It was a dumb decision, and one that didn't align at all with Arizona and Callie's committed relationship.

Grey's Anatomy: Callie and Arizona smiling at each other

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Eliza Minnick

Not only was Eliza Minnick a wholly unlikable character, she was also a needless addition to the cast. She was there to fix a problem with the hospital training program, even though the exact source and magnitude of the problem was never identified. She caused both Bailey and Katherine to turn against Richard, creating unnecessary tension in two of our favorite relationships, and she didn'do anything to change the hospital. Then, she essentially just disappeared because Bailey came to her senses. It was one of the only times that a character came and left without adding a single thing to the story, making her a frustrating season 13 addition.

Grey's Anatomy: Eliza Minnick

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Megan's Return

In the world of ridiculous storylines, this probably has to be my least favorite in all of Grey's Anatomy history. Megan was gone. We discussed it. Owen and Riggs moved past it. It was a major storyline that she disappeared. Bringing her back and claiming that she was a POW for the last 10 years was implausible and completely ridiculous. They basically made all the drama about her beforehand completely irrelevant! They needed a way to get rid of Riggs, but bringing back someone who was firmly established as dead felt like lazy writing and I was not about it.

Grey's Anatomy: megan in army uniform

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