10 Reasons R5's Riker Lynch Will Be the Next DWtS Champ

The season 20 Dancing With the Stars cast has been revealed! In addition to stars including The Hunger Games' Willow Shields and actress Rumor Willis, R5 singer and bassist Riker Lynch will be showing his stuff on the dance floor. We're guessing right now that Riker will win, and we've got the pics to support our prediction.

riker lynch dancing with the stars

1. Riker's already a rock star who knows how to strike a pose. He's well prepared to rock the stage.

Riker Lynch strikes a rockstar pose

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2. Dancing is all about confidence, and Riker has it in spades.

riker lynch dancing with the stars stage confidence

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3. Maybe it's just us, but we think that it would be amazing if dance partner Allison Holker could lift him as he strikes this pose that totally reminds us of Titanic.

riker lynch dancing with the stars arms spread

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4. Riker already has an amazing sense of style and he is going to look amazing in whatever crazy outfits he'll have to wear to suit each dance style.

riker lynch style dancing with the stars

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5. He's definitely got the flexibility to be an amazing dancer

riker lynch stretching dancing with the stars

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6. And we just can't wait to see these feet move on the dance floor!

riker lynch dancing with the stars feet

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7. We're not exactly sure what this move is, but he's definitely put his all into it. If that's not the mark of a dance master, nothing is.

riker lynch dancing with the stars playing on the floor

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8. Plus he's already got the legions of adoring fans to rock the call-in votes

riker lynch dancing with the stars fans

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9. Riker is capable of catching some major air. There's definitely a dance move in there somewhere.

riker lynch dancing with the stars major air

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10. Last but not least, Allison Holker and Riker make up a pretty perfect pair. They look like winners to us.

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Do you agree that Riker will win this time around? Season 20 debuts March 16 on ABC, so be sure not to miss it. And if you love Riker Lynch and the rest of R5, you should also be sure to join our R5 Family community at Sweety High.